Friday, June 28, 2013


 Trimet had a special mobile home built for employees to be out of at Center Street while they remodel the first floor. It is a 4 section unit. There is a 5th that is a bathroom unit. All of this takes up the whole front lot. Employees will be in this unit for over a year. Today was supposed to be moving day. Apparently there was  Notice from   the City of Portland that will delay the occupancy of these mobile homes.   What this tells me is that Trimet more than likely tried to sneak this building through without the proper permits. Either that or the usual lack of competence in handling their affairs.

Trimet press release:
JUST ASK: I heard that the first floor Center St TriMet employees were moving to the portable trailer this weekend. Is this still happening?
A: The move was slated for this weekend June 28-29, but due to unanticipated delays in the permitting process this move will be delayed by approximately two weeks. TriMet cannot safely or legally occupy the structure until the permits are final.  When the move happens, 500+ TriMet employees including Lost & Found, Station Agents, Operators, Field Operations, Training and Station Management will be working at the new modular facility at the corner of SE 17th and Center. These employees will return to the remodeled first floor in about a year. To see the floorplan of the modular structure, look for the big printout in the report area or visit TriNET's PMLR page and and search “modular” for a PDF of the floorplan.

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Jason McHuff said...

Somebody should go get a picture of the mobile digs, or even a video tour