Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Interesting Trimet public records requests

Trimet making enemies everywhere

Marshall Livingston n/a
Requesting / Reviewing Records
I marshall livingston request any and all phone call recordings from the following three numbers: 503 505 9195 from about 2010 to 2012 503 270 9199 / 503 971 9450 from 2012 to date. Any notes/reports that may be on file or in the personal logs of any employee that has had any contact with Laura Roholt or myself. any video or audio recordings that have been made that are in your control or known to you if not. I hereby give notice of my intent to sue under Ch: 83 and that it is my plan to file with the United States Dept. of Justice office. or in the court system that is best used to meet the need of relief from the unjustifiable actions I and Laura has had to deal with at the hands of Tri-Met and others.
7/15/2013 Zachary Spier Attorney at Law
All videos and reports related to an incident where a rider, Anthony Pitts, was taken into custody, excluded from TriMet, and transported to a hospital. Mr. Pitts was contacted because he had passed out on a Clackamas-bound Green Line train. The incident took place on July 11, 2013, at approximately 3 p.m. on a train at or near the Gateway/99th MAX station. I am an attorney, but there is no current or planned claim related to this incident.
7/9/2013 Nate Parr Fish Marketing
No responsive records available
I rode the #12 bus on Saturday, 7/6. I boarded bus #2926 at 11:48 pm at approximately 5th and Morrison, heading toward Tigard. The run # was 1268 and the driver was Bruce. I had not ridden the bus in about a year and was unfamiliar with the "new" printed receipt system. Unfortunately, when I paid, I did not take the receipt. I received a ticket while on the bus for not having proof of payment. I would appreciate your help to prove that I did indeed pay for my ticket. Do you have video that I could access to prove my innocence. If so, how can I obtain it and what would it cost? Thank you for your time.
7/5/2013 Robert Dean n/a
Awaiting payment
Emails to and from all Tri-Met departments, including the Board of Directors, back to January 1, 2009 with the keyword "Leavitt" in any part of the email
7/3/2013 Briana Swift National Lawyers Guild
I seek the Tri Met report of a 2/17/2012 incident near 82nd and Foster which ultimately ended in a Tri Met officer excluding Lisa Haynes from Trimet transit for 90 days.
7/1/2013 Brittney Plesser ACLU of Oregon
All current, written policies and procedures pertaining to video and audio recordings on Tri Met vehicles, including, but not limited to: a. TriMet's guidelines and policies relating to when and how such audio and video recordings are made. b. TriMet's audio and video recording retention policy. c. TriMet's guidelines and policies relating to employee access to audio and video recordings.
6/27/2013 Jack T. Stewart n/a
The TriMet bus was stopped at SE 82nd and Raymond Street. The car at the stop sign on Raymond Ct darted out in front of bus and t-boned my truck. My truck rolled over and was totaled. They had to cut the top out. Request for public record: ACID #7422372; Bus #2295; Date 6/20/2013: Time 15:32.
6/20/2013 Harold Shields n/a
Requesting / Reviewing Records
Last night I prevented a bike thief from stealing my bike from a MAX Green line train at the Gateway TC. I was able to prevent the theft of my bike by chasing down the thief and knocking him off my bike. Unfortunately he fell onto the Westbound tracks behind the recently arrived train. He walked away without any apparent injury. In order to protect myself from legal action I am requesting a copy any surveillance video footage of this incident. The incident occurred on the Westbound platform of the Gateway TC between 6:00 and 6:30 pm (6/19/2013).
6/19/2013 Colette McEldowney Multnomah County District Attorney's Office
Requesting / Reviewing Records
Operator's report and supervisor's report, video in Kimberly Newton criminal case #130545679, in which she hits a TriMet max train

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