Wednesday, July 24, 2013


But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

Completely unacceptable level of service. Let me know if you need more CS forms filled out. I will fill out a hundred more.  

On a brand new bus on Line 44; they still installed transfer cutters in them; also stop announcements sound different

I wouldn't wish having to ride on on my worst enemy. Just the waiting would be cruel & unusual punishment.

Yay the 78 is late going to beaverton thanks

Always something crazy when I get on trimet. Lol

I have been sitting at the orenco station for 30+ minutes and have watch 3 out of service trains pass by. This is terrible!

operator #1705 is a bit on the rude and surly side. On top of all that, he was 7 minutes late starting the route from Beaverton TC.

Just waiting for my trimet bus driver to show up for ten minutes. No hurry.

MAX fare machine at north end of PSU Urban Center station is skipping payment screen, jumping back to main menu

yeah, well, that 44 I was crowing about was 27 minutes away. Not quite rapid service.

The #16 is a symbol of the current state of : considerably higher price; considerably worse service.

I'm so glad I have my car back lord knows I was tired of getting lost using TriMet

Why thank you hippie chick for taking your stand against deodorant and riding Trimet-my day would not have been complete w/o b/o.

you no longer have a 5:27 #16 bus leaving from downtown. Stop pretending that you do.

cop calling me a liar in front of a bunch of people = nice guy giving me a free bus ticket.

Video: She is scaring everyone. (at TriMet Bus Line 78)

- Your MAX drivers need a course in customer service and human interaction. Just atrocious. $60+ a month to get treated like trash.

We just leapfrogged another 15. I think 50% of all TriMet buses must be on this line.

The MAX reeks ..... Of cleaning supplies?!?! Unheard of. Usually it's piss, pot, or b.o.

Also, I get to stand in trash and hot sun indefinitely, just off the highway.

Overall I rather like , but closing customer service call ctr @ 4:30p & not communicating *why* multiple trains no show'd = 

I think I have a crush on my bus driver. , please advise.

Every. Single. Time. buses make up their own schedules, apparently. SO glad I get to rely on them while injured this month.

This train is so crowded I can read the guy next to me tweeting how crowded it is in here.

haha trimet shit i dont know. but im actually lowkey confused about what i have to do so text me!

Ugh this car smells like urine.

Fuck trimet!!!

And why no shuttle buses if YellowLine rail service is disrupted? N/B "no service" train just passed! What is going on here?

I just caught a guy reading all my texts on the . I'm glad I wasn't about how bad he smelled. !

I wonder what the needed taxpayer cost would be to make TriMet fareless would be

At 4:48p the reader board @ DeltaPark said S/B YellowLine @ 4:50p. It is now 5p & still no train! :-( What's causing the ?

Dear why does your customer call ctr close at 4:30pm on a weekday? And where's S/B YellowLine that's 8min late @ DeltaPark?

fuck this! I'm 60 yrs old Woodstock for 4:35 still not here!

Too hot for buses to be late! 7 min. in 90° heat so far

Waiting 30+ mins for the #4 bus in the middle of the day really makes me want to remove the 'Frequent Service' sign at the stop.

This afternoon is a perfect storm of low blood sugar and Google Maps/Trimet fail.

I really hate trimet

The dance of the 77 and the 17 on Broadway is one of confusion and lots of furious arm waving.

does Goose Hollow MAX really not have ANY electronic arrival boards still? That's one waaay extended rollout!

My definition of frequent service doesn't quite seem to be matching Trimet's at the moment.

Oh and all that trimet bull and most expensive parking in almost any city.

The 14 was partly in the bike lane on SE Madison this morning (mirror came WAY close). Is the bus lane not big enough

The day I get my Volvo, TRIMET CAN SUCK IT

Taking a ride on line 92 South Beaverton Express... And it's late.

A very TriMet morning

Who can my boss call to confirm that it's your fault I've been late every morning this week?

3 for 3 Today my 48 bus turned down the 47 route and has to turn around. is getting ridiculous.

My transit tracker has been saying my bus is coming in 11 minutes for the last 25 minutes. SUPER helpful .

Today a trimet guy got off the bus and said "Thanks Dave!" to the driver so when I got off the bus I said "Thanks Dave!" too.

Trimet can suck my sack o' nuts

I am really ready for December. I'm done with riding trimet ALL the time

Thanks ! Over a minute on the card confirm causing me to miss the street car. Way to encourage those willing to pay.

Gee thanks, Trimet. Not like I was trying to connect to another bus line or anything logical like that...

if you're looking for a low budget sweat lodge experience, try riding a Trimet bus with no AC for an hour!

Naked rampage at Trimet's Hillsboro Transit Center. Someone didn't want BART to have all the fun.

Also, was 1/2 hour late to work this morning thanks to MIA Blue Lines.

Dying on the bus, no A/C and half the windows won't open because they're broken. Thank goodness it's the 99

Are there actual rules for this? They’d be easier to enforce if Trimet had more on-board employees.

What train will show up? When will it show up? It's a guessing game of chance and skill! Thanks for keeping it fun !

Just another day on a crowded bus with these guys nodding off & dropping their needles to roll around

When will I learn? No matter what, never ride if I have a schedule. Bus #19 5 min late, snails pace, 20 min 2 downtown becoming 30+.

Some dude at 3rd an Washington is trying to sell an annual pass for $40. Sure it's not stolen...

thanks to your overpriced WES train, I am going to be late. Line 57 train 74 is over 10 min late. F YOU 

bus 2912 has no air conditioning, no Windows that can open. Are you trying to kill your passengers?

That would explain some of it. RT : . blue line trains late, disappearing. No word from as to why.

8 bikes in one half of a max car. If PDX really wants to make mass transit a desirable option, may be time for to step it up.

one of the ticket machines at the mall stop downtown is broken

ridiculous. My stop is 3rd from the start of westbound blue line and it was late!

Op said "All aboard for downtown Portland, Gresham, and other points east." Ummmm . . . what's further east than Gresham for MAX???

Looks like has a fill train out of Elmonica.

Finally made it to work when the 7:02 Westbound finally made it to willow creek. Gotta love the communication levels of </sarcasm>

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