Saturday, July 27, 2013


But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
I wouldn't wish having to ride on on my worst enemy. Just the waiting would be cruel & unusual punishment.
Oh the irony! Frequent Service? 45 minutes and still waiting - come on trimet

I did that for three months. I usually just got dropped off at another location...never could find parking at sunset.

fuck trimet :/ lol


: Time for maintenance on MAX car 123. Video from 30 min ago

On a finally. Driver says there were mechanical problems and a security incident.

you need a "wash your balls prior to boarding" sign. This is a serious problem in

And then he kicked us all off again. 1h
oh goodie, another line for mediocre service.

Complaining made a appear! Thanks !

Of course can't be bothered to announce that.

conductor on stopped train for 10 mins before sunset: slow rolling all the way to Hillsboro. Cool, I didn't need to be anywhere.

I haz Max. Huzzah.

Been waiting for a yellow line at Rose Quarter for 35 minutes.

why can't you keep you shit together during rush hour? What is so hard about keeping trains running on time 2 hours every evening?

Palm --> forehead RT : Bus driver chatting it up with his buddy and misses the 82nd stop a passenger wanted.

hey assholes, westbound train conductor announced: trains backed up all the way to Hillsboro, so I'm unloading at beav TC.

Hard stop in the tunnel EB. Now sitting in the middle of 26 before Sunset.

So no word on why I haven't seen a yellow line n over 22 min?

more insanity today huh? Yesterday was a freak show getting out of downtown

RT : pic from my wife 45 minutes ago. No alerts yet blue line is quite blocked. On 58 bus now.

Fuckk trimet the buss broke down and then the green line broke down fuck trimet

Here we go again, with another round of 'Dude, where's my westbound Blue Max?'

For the third day in a row the 4:40 line 58 is over 20 minutes late. Explain

does this mean you'll have to hire more mgmt & continue to decrease driver pay & benefits?

Thank you SO MUCH Trimet and Google, for conspiring in a web of electronic lies to absolutely demolish my afternoon schedule.

Thank you for 3rd consecutive fucked up travel day.

That moment of relief when you're driving and you're like "oh thank god... It was just a trimet cop lol" then you speed up again.

A gentleman whistling 'Knock Three Times' on my left, and a guy drinking a 16oz to-go milk out of a straw on my right.


Three cops cars to arrest synth-guy, now blocking city car.

from operator of 2250. "I guess they dont know how to read". Ableist & possibly a bit racist, depending on who "they" are. ...

This is the nicest smelling streetcar I've ever been on. How long til it smells like urine?

I should not have to ask your drivers to enforce ban on non-service dogs. This rule is important!

Oops that meant . Why are these drivers who break laws & speed past customers still employed?

Trimet strikes again!

bad behavior: aisle seat sitters

Fuck you trimet.. Taking my money and shit

Never a time I really want a roll of duct tape, than when someone sits behind me smacking gum like a cow.

Ticket Validator on the Center City bound side of Lombard TC seems to be jammed; had to buy a validated ticket.

driver just decided that because of a reroute he would ignore my requested location and drop me off a mile away from my transfer bus

Wow. The things you hear on Some woman is going on and on about Pepsi and battery acid.

Real minutes are different than trimet minutes, keep that in mind

bus 47 just blew by kid - she was the stop waiting on Barnes Rd .. She waved at the driver to stop and nope bus kept going.

this old blonde lady that drives the 8 almost crashes every single time & swears a lot. I'm scared

she liteeally just grazed a biker's handlebars and yelled "sorry"

TriMet EB Red Line just stopped 3 times at 14th, 15th, and 16th after Jeld Wen stop second time this week

Ugh, 90% of the time i'm on i'm surrounded by loud, obnoxious teenagers...

machine validated my tix for August. Pioneer Square- east bound.


Massive moth just went into the door mechanism on car 311 door 6. Didn't get a pic in time. seems TriMet and I disagree about what 4:47 means.

Drunk got on the bus blew smoke in driver's face then tried to ride w/o a fare. wouldn't get off until male rider stood up for her 

Hi, I'm Darla, I live in Portland, and I FUCKING HATE publc transportation.

driver of #20 bus 2203 acting rude, sarcastic, and unprofessional.

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