Thursday, July 25, 2013


The mainstream (misinformation) media always publishes Trimet 'press releases' (propaganda) verbatim. The mainstream media might as well be part of Trimet's propaganda department.

“One of my top priorities during my tenure is to reinvest in our system,” says TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane. “Accelerating the bus purchase schedule furthers TriMet’s mission to provide valued transit service that is safe, dependable and easy to use.  (you fucking lying piece of shit, your top priorities in your 20+ career at Trimet is too see the bus service dismantled while you grow your beloved 'crime train')

The ERB ruling means TriMet will not have to cut service or raise fares this year. However, McFarlane says the agency will face a financial crisis within a few years if the union does not agree to additional health care concessions.   (this is the real Mcfarlane, build rail, hand out millions upon millions to his buddies at CH2M HILL and all his other crony contractors, and destroy the union)


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