Tuesday, July 30, 2013


I was promised about a $950 month pension And that I wouldn't have to worry about healthcare costs when I retired. What I ended up getting is $735 a month pension And will have to assume several thousand dollars in medical expenses if needed. And its not over for current retirees 

If it happened  to me it will happen to you. Trimet is only now beginning the slashing employees pensions and benefits. They have admitted so publicly. I have lost 20% of my pension value. Do you think there will be much waiting for you by the time you leave Trimet? Don't count on it. Meanwhile Fred Hanson collects  $16,000 a month, Bob Nelson is collecting  $200,000 a year at the same time is collecting $48,000 year pension. Auxier collects his $175,000 year salary plus a $69,000 year pension from Trimet. And who knows how much McFarlane will rake away from the situation at Trimet. Just remember who you are working  for and who should have your loyalty.
A company that has no second thoughts about screwing it's retirees while enriching its executive class is who you are working for. Remember it.

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