Tuesday, August 20, 2013


But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
This morning on drunk man jumps on a yellow line and asks loudly "is the the bus going to interstate?" I told him it is a train  and he yelled "shit" and jumped off as the doors shut before i could tell him that the train goes to interstate

Thanks #75 bus driver for not running over a darting cat. You made the night better, good sir.

I don't fuck with Trimet

Duct tape saves the day on bus 1762

all trains at gateway stopped and one I'm on is stopped on the corner. What's going down?

Just put these fucking Roshes to work!!! No games when it comes to missing trimet on Saturday!

has beat - 3 hrs, 200miles from SEA-PDX, or 1 hr, 8 miles from PDX bus station to Gateway, MAX.

Trimet is the nastiest place on earth

. The same loud mouths, drunks and miscreants no matter where you go. Riding . But cleaner than

If you happen to be near a scheduler, please lean over and slap the shit out of them. Thanks.

you need to get your shit together. All the breakdowns & now I miss Max because it was 2 full minutes early. Why do I pay for this?

Shout out to whoever stole my wallet Thursday night. I'm happy I could buy you $400 worth of trimet passes and $20 at falafel king.

This is a train, an enclosed tube. Use your damn inside voice or walk your ass home. It isn't that hard to figure out.....

wow this dude has a legit tracker anklet on. STAY CLASSY, BLUE LINE.

I hate trimet.

On 's line 78 it takes just about an hour to go the 13.6 miles between Beaverton TC and Lake Oswego TC. That's just wrong.

Fuck you trimet hah

I think I'm allergic to Trimet.

Dear driver, please watch traffic in front of you, unless you want to buy my bike on your rack. Thank you.

This nigga just pinked someone out they seat on the Trimet and the other dude and a baby. Smh.. Niggas is THREE much

Thank you trimet for closing all the stops near my house. It's not like I wanted to go home or anything...

Max is stuck.... Again... Fuck good thing my moms flight was delayed

It really upsets me when a bus driver skips people because they're running late. Some people have to get to work you know...

Trimet sucks so bad on Sundays.

I put in 5 bux in Beaverton creek. It took it but didn't give me a ticket. Now it says "sorry not accepting bills" :(

Nice going . I got here 18 minutes ago, the tracker said the bus would be here in 18 minutes, and now it says it'll be 18 minutes.


Ran and caught the No. 75 right on time. Thank You driver of 2618, and how you handled the drunk fool.

FU trimet

If trimet officials are 'police' I'm fuckin Beyoncé .



It's nut-to-butt on this bus. #2259 #14

Portland trimet is some bullshit ain't never on time neeeeda go home an take a pisss, muthafuckas made me late to work this morning too -_-

I HATE how trimet gets more and more pricey like wtf going up 5 cents every month

There's a bus driver for Trimet that looks exactly like Action Bronson

Thanks, crazy guy, nothing like being elbowed in the morning, better than coffee!

I've been standing at this stop for 25 minutes, with no bus in sight. blows it again.

Fuck trimet

The heaters were on, on the Max this morning.

Goddamn 4 just blew past me at the stop.

Look at this jackass who thinks is his living room.

ahh - turning people into one over air conditioned bus at a time.

This is how I take screw paying them just so they can raise prices again! Toe it's still the…

Just watched the 6 blow through the MLK pedestrian crosswalk and almost hit some bike girls.

sounds like a lame excuse to me. More frequent/regular status updates please!

what's going on with westbound blue line service? Don't 20 min delays warrant an alert? I'm going to miss my bus at BTC & be late!

With respect to , biggest lie told by other MAX ops: "There's another blue line right behind me!"  

NB yellow line 12 minutes late. Why? Who knows?

they fall into big black holes

I feel like this bus could barely make it over that last hill. I must be riding the Little Bus That Could.

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