Saturday, January 12, 2013

City of Porland screw up Max wires

Trimet – MAX Wire Shredding

Skateboarder gets stuck under bus wheel

Dispatch Here!

Bus driver gets punched out

Dispatch here!

Trimet supervisory reports

funny supervisory report

A male and female were smoking on the platform at Gateway T.C.; I asked them to please put out their cigarettes. They proceeded to do so, but, they used our T.V.M. to do so. I asked them to please do not vandalize our fixtures and use the ground to extinguish their smoking materials.

Another Trimet crony returns

TriMet recently completed a nationwide search (another phony search eh?) for the new Executive Director of Finance and Administration. After vetting numerous qualified applicants, TriMet selected Dave Auxier for his depth of knowledge and ability to immediately understand our current fiscal challenges. Dave served as TriMet’s Finance executive from 2003- 2009 and recently returned in an interim position. He is working closely with the executive team to ensure TriMet’s long-term financial stability.

Trimet sticking it to us in retaliation for union problems

Your health coverage: It’s time to make choices
Health insurance premiums are going up for everybody, union and non-union
Every fall, each employee receives an open enrollment packet in their mailbox at home. Open enrollment is the only time you can make changes to your benefits without experiencing a “qualifying event” (such as the beginning or end of a marriage or the adoption or birth of a child). This open enrollment period runs November 7- 21. Changes will be effective January 1, 2013.

Where have Trimet employees gone?


Sound Transit bus bursts into flames!


TriMet overtime: 'Exhaustion has become part of the culture' at transit agency  

On the basic level, this is an issue of Public Policy vs GM Policy. If every driver is able to come to work, the system would work. But reality is, driving a bus destroys your body. The bouncing, vibrations, door opening and closing in extreme heat and cold. Drivers will become physically unable to work (Workers Comp) or be ill. Some have to take off time to take their families for appointments. So there are always drivers who will not be driving their run.

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