Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bojack counts ZERO

For no one (Jack Bog's Blog)


Trimet budget crisis update

Assistant Manager, Operations Command Ce... Non-Union Regular Full-Time $5,314.75 - $7,972.08 Monthly Continuous
Bus Operator (Part-Time) #12-00082 Union MRO $14.73 - $26.76 Hourly Continuous
Lift Eligibility Coordinator Non-Union Regular Full-Time $4,223.25 - $6,015.00 Monthly 01/18/13
Manager, Safety Assurance Programs & Tra... Non-Union Regular Full-Time $5,427.25 - $9,045.33 Monthly Continuous
REM Training Supervisor Non-Union Regular Full-Time $4,876.17 - $7,314.33 Monthly Continuous
Senior Specialist, Workforce Procedures ... Non-Union Regular Full-Time $4,470.50 - $6,705.83 Monthly Continuous

Look at these fools

No Pants Subway/Max Ride Portland 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
To the driver of bus 2126: Thanks for shutting the door on my face and pulling away. I wanted to shiver for another 20 minutes.

And you thought Trimet bus drivers were bad?

Portland A-Foot always finding interesting info

  • Even after fares go up, it will still be cheaper to ride the Green Line to Lents than to buy enough beef jerky to pedal there.
  • Despite all the chatter, TriMet bus operator compensation is only 6 percent above average among similarly sized agencies. (However, this doesn’t include health benefits in retirement, something TriMet has promised its employees up the wazoo.)
  • TriMet’s 2012 budget, including rail construction, would theoretically be enough to rent every transit commuter in the City of Portland a personal stretch limo to drive to work every weekday all year, plus a free Stumptown coffee for the morning ride. (Though not enough to build the extra highway lanes this would require.) 
  •  Money. All of it. | Portland Afoot

Some of those Trimet riders are not good people




This was promised with the BDS system that is now in place that Trimet calls obsolete. It was supposed to do the exact same thing that the new BDS system is doing. The original system was $6 million dollars, this new system costs $34 million dollars (financed with bonds of course). The new system has been a complete failure as of this date. Trimet is one and a half years behind schedule getting it going. Everything that is outlined in yellow is something that was promised that was not delivered.

Lane Jensen busts another Trimet driver

 I'm not sure what it is about Lane that makes Trimet operators act so stupid, but he seems to have that effect on them. Here we see a Trimet driver plowing right through 2 stop signs.

Trimet – The TriMet Way Award | Portland Transit Lane