Lane Jensen returns

Lane Jensen returns

Sunday, January 20, 2013


How freaking stupid is that?
 Portland Transport: "Orange Line" Name for Portland-Milwaukie MAX: A Triumph of Marketing Over Rider Benefit


The big news around here is a bus driver running a couple stop signs and bus driver health benefits costing $5million a year. 

Meanwhile 'they' build a train to a town of 20,000 people costing those  same tax payers that 'they' say they are saving from our burdensome health care costs for $1.5 billion dollars!

Unfunded liability of public sector workers is in the trillions, 'they' want to cut medicare and social security, wages are plunging!

Meanwhile 'they' spend $720 million EACH DAY to fund a war that is not winnable and is killing innocents.

Do the American people put 1+1 and get 2?
Nope, they see none of the scam that is being pulled right before their eyes.


Dear Al you may want to mention that Bruce hansen has filed several
freedom of informatoion act requests with trimet to find out just how
many drivers at specific cost levels are receiving benefit coverage
and trimets true cost as per the confirmation of benefit statements.
How many get health care benefits at $22,000 per year. Darn few I'll

Billionaire Bloomberg who bought the mayors office picks on NYC school bus drivers

After working 12 years as a matron caring for kids with autism, MS and physical and developmental handicaps, Lucy makes $15 an hour and takes home $397 a week after taxes. Vic, who has been driving for nine years, earns a whopping $22 an hour and takes home $700. That’s a combined $1,100 a week — about $53,000 combined take-home pay for a couple working a 10-month year.
They get unemployment in the summers. That’s what they live on in New York City in 2013.
The truth is easy to see, bus drivers are an easy target so the globalists have made 'them' (us) the first battle. While some people working at Trimet can makes fortunes (many more Trimet drivers earned 6 figure incomes last year but due to deferred comp  they did not appear on Joe Rose's list) these drivers in New York are hardly surviving. Yet the  billionaire who bought himself a mayors office has decided to target them playing his role as globalist union buster. If we lived in Europe right now you might see the entire countries transit workers walk out in sympathy. But alas we live in America, were it's citizen vs citizen. Half the country hates the other half. And half the country can't wait to drag down the other half.