Thursday, January 24, 2013


Nice stop announcement

Vintage film footage of transit in Portland, Oregon

Trimet TV!

Sock puppets on cable

The following 8 dates are scheduled for the program "Tri met Board
Meetings: January Board Meeting", Project: Tri met Board Meetings, starting

Wednesday 1/30/2013, 5:00 PM, Channel 22

Saturday 2/2/2013, 6:00 AM, Channel 23

Tuesday 2/5/2013, 7:00 AM, Channel 22

Thursday 2/7/2013, 1:00 PM, Channel 23

Sunday 2/10/2013, 4:00 PM, Channel 23

Wednesday 2/13/2013, 5:30 PM, Channel 22

Monday 2/18/2013, 10:00 PM, Channel 11

Wednesday 2/27/2013, 9:00 PM, Channel 22


Resolution 13-01-04 Authorizing a Smoke-Free Work Environment Policy passed unanimously yesterday taking away your freedom choice starting in July


We love rail

WES service is disrupted due to a mechanical issue. Shuttle buses are carrying riders between Wilsonville and Tualatin. Expect possible minor delays.

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Management shenanigans

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Every time we win in court our leaders find something else to take away from us. They have decided now not to give us our winters coats, badges and medal clip boards as retaliation for the Inspector win. What childless action. Every time I see the posting Do The Right Thing from Neil’s posting’s I think what a dam joke. Here we got low quality coats that we freeze our asses off and get wet in. All I was told by my manager Jay Jackson who couldn’t even remember who worked on the agreement with ATU and Management. You would think at least if you really wanted to do the right thing you would get the facts straight before throwing out the wrong names. Here lately you have so many managers that they are stepping on each others toes. They don’t have a clue on who do what job. By the way have you seen the latest postings for more manager positions. That’s correct they don’t want people who will think out side the box, they want freaking robots. Do as the top three Jokers tell you or out the door you go. They continue to want us to do more with less pay and less tools. The poor folks that are forced to Harrison St. and have to pay for parking that don’t get six figure $ checks are forced to pay over 100.00 plus a month. The poor line #8 operator who don’t have a restroom at the end of the line. Being that we are a transportation company we don’t have enough cars for our own supervisor/inspectors. Yes Neil, Randy and Barry, what a threesome?


I spoke twice yesterday, once to object to the nonchalant methods that this 'board' uses to routinely approve more money for contracts that have already been bid. There is never any questioning done on this never ending stream of money that is flowing like a river out of Trimet.

The other testimony was to extract an answer out of Mcfarlane or Warner on why Trimet is so intent on keeping the contractual negotiations secret. Of course I expected no actual answers, and I didn't get any. Mcfarlanes lap dogs (the board) put a circle around him to protect him, which was fully expected. I followed all the decorum of the public meetings, didn't do anything outrageous. I was very pleased with the testimonies yesterday. Of course they ignored them, but I thought we did great: