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Greek subway staff end strike after police raid

Striking subway workers in Athens returned to the job Friday, hours after the Greek government used riot police to evacuate holdouts from a train depot, ending a bitter standoff over new austerity measures.
The nine-day strike , which knocked out a system serving more than a million people a day , was the biggest labor unrest Greece's uneasy, conservative-led governing coalition faced since taking over last June.

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Light Rail On Wheels? Portland Ponders Bus Rapid Transit

Trimet's grandiose plans for expansion move forward despite Trimets apparent insolvency 
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Michael Anderson the lone reporter on the wages lawsuit

Portland A-Foot's Michael Anderson
Michael Anderson, the most independent of transit reporters in PDX, is so far the only 'credentialed' news man to report the story on the wage dispute involving relief pay at Trimet.
While Joe Rose has said he will do a story about 'in the near future' the fact that he didn't write anything about it is significant.
Of course Joe reports to the Oregonian editors who are mostly cozy with the Trimet executives, Michael reports to himself.
The difference between corporate controlled media and independent media

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
The ticket printed and I rushed towards the front car to hang my bike, but the driver closed the doors and pulled away.

The bus driver that blew 2 stop signs violates traffic rules AGAIN

And again right in front of an obvious camera! Is this guy stupid or what?
Trimet – Ron Wittig Part II

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Neils Bullshit

Yesterday morning, our Board of Directors(sock puppets) voted in favor of health(tyrants)—for our workforce, our visitors and our families – and set on the course to becoming a smoke-free workplace. (F-U!)The implementation date is July 1, but the work has already begun—and it won’t end on July 2.

I know that tobacco addiction is tough to overcome. I also know that most smokers want to quit. If that describes you—or someone in your household—I want to personally encourage you. I hope you’ll take advantage of the kind of help that works for you, whether formal (from Kaiser, Regence or Cascade Centers) or informal (from coworkers who care!). We'll make sure these resources are up front and center and easy to access over the next few months.

A new medical report out just yesterday shows that the health effects of smoking are worse than previously thought, but the benefits of quitting are more than previously thought.

Offering a smoke-free environment is an important step toward a healthier workplace. Getting there won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding.

To your health!



F-U Trimet you bunch of tyrants
As a result of a resolution approved January 23, 2013, by the TriMet Board of Directors, all TriMet building and properties will be smoke-free. The implementation date is July 1. Employees can visit the “smoke-free TriMet” TriNET page, which includes information about what Kaiser, Regence and Cascade Centers can offer in terms of medication, nicotine substitution, health coaching, education and other resources.



A: The lobby and top 3 floors will become a construction zone, closed to everyone except for construction personnel. Visitors—mostly lost & found folks—will report to the Transit Utility Vehicle (TUV) van that is parked in front of the building.

What about Harrison Street

Our new facility presents new opportunities to do our part for security. Here’s a summary of how TriMet’s existing policies and practices are expected to work at Harrison Square.

  • Building access: The 1st floor main lobby is open 6 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Friday. Afterhours access: Harrison Square employees have 24-7 badge access from level P2, near 1st Ave.
  • Badge access is based on business need. Your badge is programmed to give you 24-7 access to your own work area. Whether—and when—you have access to other locations depends on the nature of your work. Contact Kathy Daniels with any requests to adjust your badge access: or 503-962-(employees can not access this Trimet facility. A first for Trimet keeping their own employees out of their own building)
  • From 7:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, all Harrison Square TriMet staff have badge access to the entire 2nd floor, and these portions of the 3rd floor: East wing; south side of west wing.
  • Badge access to the west wing of the 3rd floor is limited to staff from HR and Payroll, and a limited number of other authorized employees. Use phone or email to do your business with HR and Payroll, or to arrange an in-person meeting.
Benefits: 503-962- or
Linda Elliot: 503-962-
Shawna Huffman: 503-962
Lonnie Jones: 503-962-
Jim Yazzolino: 503-962-
  • Employees and contractors must wear their badges visibly. (HR policy 428)
  • Non-employee visitors must be accompanied by an employee, and wear a visitor badge. (HR 428) Employees from other facilities do not need a visitors badge but must be met and accompanied by the employee they are here to see.
  • The TriMet reception desk on the 3rd floor is staffed 8 a.m.-5 p.m., Monday-Friday. Visitors need to report to the reception desk for their visitors badge and an escort to their destination.
  • If you see a un-badged, un-escorted stranger in the workplace, politely ask, Can I help? What is the nature of your business? Who are you here to see? Who are you? Accompany the person to the reception desk or to the employee they are here to see.
  • Contact Kathy Daniels to request badge access (24/7) to the bike cage on level P2. Within the cage, you’re encouraged to lock your bike and the gear locker. Space is on a first-come, first-served basis. There are additional racks in several locations outside the building.
  • Security guards patrol Harrison Square outside of normal business hours.


I have always been amazed at how many employees at Trimet exist in a constant state of fear. Always worried about 'getting in trouble with Trimet'.
(I personally dislike Ellen Fox, but I will give her credit for having the guts to stand up to Trimet. She is the only other person I know besides myself that  does it)
Take the case of Trimet ripping off its employees paying sub par wages for travel time to relief points.
Many drivers supported the suit, but virtually none have signed on.
The reason: " I need this job".
Then there is our beloved union, which has always been very cautious in getting involved with any of my initiatives.
I can tell you this much, if the union doesn't get behind this and the case comes in victorious, that would be solid proof of the incompetence of our union, who by the way, approved sub par wages for its members.
While I support Bruce fully in his efforts in dealing with the tyrant Mcfarlane, I am tired of waiting for this union to act.
I just lost $180 out of my measly $950 pension, plus I have high deductibles to meet with our new insurance plan.
Sorry but from where I sit the union is not helping us much as of today.
All the victories at the labor relations board have meant nothing to me.


New headquarters, new Max line, $10 million dollars surplus, 16k per month pensions for ex general managers, yet  ITS THE UNION CONTRACT THAT IS STRANGLING TRIMET!
Mutha F*king liars and the cabal of sock puppets that protect them

The top three floors of Center St will be empty by the end of January, in preparation for creation of our new Operations Headquarters. Administrative departments--including Payroll, HR and the rest of Finance, as well as Legal, Public Affairs, etc.--left Center Jan. 11 and moved to Harrison Square, at SW 1st and Harrison. Also on Jan. 11, Capital Projects left Holladay St and moved to Harrison Square. Other departments--mostly from Operations and IT--are leaving Center Jan. 25, mostly to temporary space at Holladay St. Most phone numbers are staying the same. Department-by-department list:

Joe Rose sucks?