Sunday, January 27, 2013

Steve Fung blazed the trail when it came to activism and the Trimet board

I consider this one of the most powerful board presentations ever. I remember literally jumping out of my seat after I saw it. I had no idea until then how effective Steve Fung was at public speaking. He literally blew blew the socks off the board. Here Steve calls for the replacement of executives. A frontal assault on executive management! Of course nothing changed but the fact that he made this speech and did it so effectively remains a golden moment in Trimet history.Steve also proceeded to make a complete fool out of Sue Van Broklin. Look how much over the 3 mins this went

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MAX FAQs ‏@maxfaqs
TriMet fare machines not accepting CC hrs after scheduled maintenance. Time for an honest discussion about how unreliable they are, yes?

MAX FAQs ‏@maxfaqs
The TVMs are bad for passengers, bad for ops (ppl holding train doors open to find a working TVM), & they undermine fare enforcement #trimet

MAX FAQs ‏@maxfaqs
(the previous tweets are my own opinion, not TriMet policy). But if we want folks to pay fare, let's provide a consistently reliable way

MAX and mini van collide

Bus 75's collide


Metro And TriMet Start To Catch On

A reader writes

Regarding THIS story out of Columbus Ohio where the corporate CEO's ride transit buses.

Notice the bank president said the equipment was clean and on time.Does Drew Blevins ever get out and actually market TriMet to Nike,Intel,Xerox,et al to all the large employers in the Tri-County area? Has the marketing dept contacted 1000 ceo's/community leaders to encourage bus ridership like the COTA president has in Columbus?

Alex Hawk for District 3

Trimet – Alex Hawk for District 3! January 27, 2013

A reader writes

Regarding Harrison Street:

You notice how a the 5th and harrison you have to show a badge and be escorted but the rest of us have to keep the doors open at the trasit centers. Also interestiing about powell and division since it appears there is some major projects going on