Monday, January 28, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Cut routes and raised prices. Now there's no room to breathe & "drop off only" from being over capacity.

Driver flunks Trimet training class

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And I heard today that a 25 year veteran who just recieved a 20 year safe driving award just barely passed the training class!

'They' always took great pleasure out of torturing and humiliating the employees at Trimet

People in Clark County DO NOT WANT LIGHT RAIL

"You need to get over the notion that light rail is a socialist scheme to undermine family values," Potiowsky quipped to the more than 400 members of Clark County's business and political establishment at the event.
Dropping over from Portland to a different political culture on the north shore, Potiowsky was looking for a reaction. He got only mild applause. While many in this crowd would agree that light rail is not a "socialist scheme," there was no enthusiastic embrace of a project that has come to symbolize much more than a mode of transportation.
Strictly business: About that 'socialist' light-rail line | The Columbian

Trimet layovers-by Lane Jensen

A reader writes

when are u gonna do a post about how Trimet has refused to do a reasonable reroute of lines 54,56,45,etc
while Naito Pkwy is down to one lane. Even whenit's normal traffic these routes lose 10-20 minutes off sched during rush hour.
Talked to a driver today who said it's now like 30-45 minutes. Crazy whe all they have to do is let them use Barbur into 4th then
left on Jefferson.

Check out these new buses in Dallas

Transit workers in Greece fought hard but were beaten by the police state


needs to really get to the bottom of this ghost bus bullshit. Having a bus not show when it is tracking, then just disappear...'s just really not good .

So the 11:09 or 11:0? Bus arrival just didn't even happen. No bridge lift, not traffic, just didn't show.

not sure what the problem is, but isn't the first time I've experienced the 6 being screwed up & I rarely ride it... Which means...

For those that do ride the 6 bus they're getting left in the cold a lot. Might want to check into the problems.


At the start of this process we felt that none of these problems would occur if the layover
point would just be moved back to where it was at the Jubitz truck stop, a perfect location.
TriMet has explained that for financial reasons they must shorten the Line 8 route and no
longer layover at the Jubitz truck stop. They said $500,000 would be saved by changing
the route. We see that they reduced duplications in routes and that should result in longterm
savings. At the same time TriMet spent millions on new buses (at $400,000 each on
average), new buildings, contracting out lift bus repairs and overtime on drivers. In the
short term, their selective frugality at the expense of our neighborhood structure, safety,
livability and businesses is not appreciated.

Go Woodlawn! » Letter to TriMet: NE 9th and Dekum Layover Issues and Suggested Resolutions


From their 'propaganda' Facebook page:
TriMet Hi, Anna! Our office move was necessary because of the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail Project, and we're taking advantage of the opportunity to consolidate work groups and improve efficiency. Most of the cost of the move is covered by the PMLR construction project (not from TriMet's operating budget), (the grandest pork feast in Trimet history)  and it's actually going to save us money in the end. Here's what's happening: Our command center in Gresham is at capacity(these a-holes who are complaining about benefits KEEP ON HIRING, they are creating their own crisis)  and cannot expand to accommodate the new MAX line, and our office at SE 17th & Holgate was demolished to make room for the MAX tracks. Most of our admin staff from our office at 17th & Center have relocated to leased space at the Harrison Square building downtown.( a secure locked down facility far from the 'troops on the ground') Later on, we will be relocating the command center to 17th & Center, and work groups from other leased facilities will relocate to either 17th & Center or Harrison Square. Not only are we consolidating offices, our new Harrison Square space has smaller workstations and we got rid of nearly all walled offices.(so f*kn what?) In all, we will be leasing 14,760 fewer square feet of office space. Over the 10-year life of the Harrison Square building lease, this will save us $431,551 over our current leased space, and avoids $2 million in 10-year lease costs had existing furniture been reused(are they actually saying that they are saving $2 million by NOT using the existing furniture? WTF?) (which would have required more square footage). So, in case you thought our new office was an upgrade to First Class, it's more like switching to an even smaller seat in Coach. (right we believe you, you have been so honest with us in the past)In the end, we will be improving efficiency, streamlining operations, and saving money.(such a culture of management liars)


There were several valid reasons for me leaving the employ of Trimet. Beyond the fact that I was being harassed by management for my involvement in Trimet politics, there was the overall working atmosphere which was steadily declining into a very unhealthy and hostile working environment. That was happening due to Trimet managements intentional use of propaganda which is willingly spread by the anti union corporate media. In this video (which Steve has referred to in the post below this post) they make the claim that benefits are 150% of benefits, an obvious falsehood. All this false information spread by cutthroat immoral Trimet executives, never challenged by anyone other than a few minor bloggers, an ignorant workforce that would most likely continue working without any benefits at all if it came to that, and a mostly impotent union. This will have a very bad ending I am afraid. I am afraid especially for the retirees who are getting dragged down by the impotent union and workforce of sheeple.
I for one will continue fighting these  battles, without the support of the employees or the support of the union, which so far has always been the case.