Friday, February 1, 2013

A comparison of Gillig BRT buses...

TriMet's new 3000 series Gilligs:

Reno, Nevada Gillig BRT:

Another Reno Gillig BRT:

C-Tran Gillig BRT:

San Jose RTD Gillig BRT:

Unknown agency Gillig BRT:

Mountain Metropolitan Transit Gillig BRT:

Another unknown agency Gillig BRT:

Missoula Mountain Line Gillig BRT:

Utah Transit Authority Gillig BRT:

Another Utah Transit Authority Gillig BRT:

Everett Transit Gillig Low-Floor (non-BRT):

CDTA Gillig BRT:

As a pedestrian crossing the street, WHICH mirror arrangement allows you to have direct eye contact with the Operator?  The TriMet bus, or the Reno bus?

It would appear to me that other agencies had no problem with fixing the left-turn blind spot issue with a much better mirror arrangement.  TriMet, on the other hand, cheaped out and had a mirror spec-ed that blocks the driver's view.

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