Saturday, March 2, 2013

This is my one year anniversary

Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary away from totalitarianism and back into relative freedom.
It was one year ago today that I stopped working at Trimet.

Portland Transit Lane

Trimet internal newspaper
Portland Transit Lane Episode 3



Recently Mcfarlane handed raises to all his top executives. These are all people making six figure salaries already. And he continues hiring even more executives to expand his little kingdom of ass kissers.

See Trimet operates on the corporate model, take from the workers so you can give more to yourself.
I as a retiree have lost 25% of my retirement and if I actually get sick now an additional $3000 will come out of what's left, about $750/mo.


There is a small debate on twitter going on about protocol at board meetings. All the power brokers that run these meetings insist that you follow their agenda's. And above all you must 'behave' at these meetings. Even when the policy makers are killing you one is expected to 'behave'. Behaving did not stop the Vietnam War. Behaving didn't end segregation. Behaving did not drive the British out of India. Behaving does not influence history. It supports the status quo. It's how you lose to powerful people, 'keeping in your place.'
Cameron Johnson in this clip refuses to be ignored. Anybody who has been watching these board meetings knows that public testimony is routinely ignored. Cameron refuses to submit to the status quo. This is how change happens

Stacy&Witbeck already rolling in $ about to make more

Talk about conflict of interest! Incredible what goes on with all that boondoggle MLR stuff. And before our eyes, we can see the Republican point of view. There is so much pork coming out of Washington getting into the hands of the insiders people have to be pissed off! Talk about 'insider trading'
Stacy and Witbeck donated $25,000 to Hales' mayoral campaign, equal to his largest cash contribution. Company executives also gave him more than $8,000, according to campaign filings, with Bollier giving $6,600.
Hales said the contributions in no way prompted him to accelerate planning. In fact, he said, he thinks the new zoning should have been in place before construction on the MAX line began. He added: "In a free economy, people are free to exploit their opportunities."

Stacy and Witbeck building Portland-to-Milwaukie MAX line, buying prime property along route for future office redevelopment |


Ah yes, the never ending claims of thousands of jobs being created. Well if your into construction I guess you have a chance to get one of those jobs, I sure don't know too many people into construction. And they are all temporary jobs of course. But I am very suspicious of that claim. Are these jobs that have gone to the unemployed or jobs that have gone to already employed folks.
So on one hand he threatens to cut 70% of service if the union does not immediately capitulate to his claims of austerity, and then he claims thousands of jobs created. I wonder how much these people are being paid? What kind of health care are they getting? MLR=GOOD. BUS DRIVERS/RETIREES=BAD

Mcfarlane getting ready to break all Trimet smokers from smoking

He will reform the Trimet workers who smoke? Ya sure. The cost to ones personal freedom in order to be employed by Trimet keeps going up

Lift representative questions Trimet priorities

Woodlawn activist makes dynamic demonstration to the board

Keith Shultz of OPAL at the board meeting

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Let's play how many people can fit on one trimet bus.. I'm pretty sure we are hitting around 60 or 70.. I'm not even joking.

You know this will be a freaking nightmare

Given the never ending problems with Trimet TVM's I am sure the public will be in for some excitement with their new "transfer printers". I can just see it now, five dollars in for a day pass, AND NOTHING OUT! Whoa this looks scary given Trimet's miserable TVM history.

 Sneak peek: ticket printers on buses coming this summer

Lane Jensen show episode 2

There are a few crank calls that are quite humorous. Lane has a tendency to bring out the 'best' in people! And as his popularity increases people will get meaner and meaner. Fun to watch.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Alex Hawk at the 94 hearing

Alex is 19 by the way, incredibly good speaker

When values become buzzwords

TriMet’s response? Spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt issued a statement that MAX is perfectly safe and these safety concerns are just an attempt to discredit TriMet and draw attention away from the contract negotiations of the union’s excessive healthcare benefits.
How dare you, Roberta? Is it really the hallmark of an organization that values safety like TriMet claims to dismiss broken track and equipment problems as “attempts to discredit TriMet?” I don’t even want to dignify your jab at the union with a response.

Read the latest excellent MAX FAQ's editorial HERE!

Trimet whore Roberta Aldstedt

How much is her salary? For just talking to media?
For its part, TriMet has dismissed the ATU's allegations, saying the union has "created false claims about the safety of the MAX system."
"These claims are absolutely not true," said TriMet spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt. "This is all part of the ATU leadership's $600,000 public relations smear campaign to divert attention away from the need to bring union health care costs under control and reform the contract."
(What a bunch of baloney. Trimet has spent far more than $600,000 on spreading their anti union message)

If you missed the public hearing on the route 94

Listen to it now!

The Techniques Of Union Busting

CLICK HERE learn about TRIMET techniques

"Vibrant" alert! Speed bumps coming to Barbur.

This guy Bogdanski really gets it, he is on the ball. His blog is must reading for people interested in Portland politics (Jack Bog's Blog)

Did you know that Lane Jensen has his own on line radio show

That's right, Lane Jensen has his own radio show at 10pm weekdays.
I think  he's pretty good at radio after tuning in to his show.
Lane does like to talk so this is a prefect medium for him.
Lane gets an awful amount of criticism from various people but from where I sit Lane Jensen has livened up the Trimet blog scene like nobody else.
He takes the topic seriously and so far has done an excellent job IMO!
Listen to his radio show weekdays at 10pm HERE! Episode 1 follows

My comment on the Joe Rose story

Comment on Oregon rail inspectors scrutinize MAX tracks after union circulates photos -

Trimet director Stovall says Mcfarlane has a 'bad rap'

I skipped the board meeting on Wednesday, basically because going every month diminishes the message.
And I also missed the lunch with Director Stovall.
To his credit he followed through on the lunch deal but Lane informed me that Travis thinks Mcfarlane 'has a bad rap'. Lucky I wasn't there to hear that baloney. That would have put me into fighting mode.
That's a crazy statement to make because what does he know about it?
I worked under Mcfarlanes rule for several years before saying 'I'm outtahere'.
There was a huge difference in the work environment under Fred vs Mcfarlane.
Mcfarlane can hand out raises and add executives at bloated salaries while asking union employees to commit HARI KARI?
And the template excuse is union employees represent 83% of the workforce.
As somehow that justifies waste in non union employees?
I don't think so!
Stovall has used the phrase 'turn the ship around'.
Where did we hear that before, STEVE BANTA, an executive that I admired while he worked at Trimet.
I think Travis may be misinformed
Read about Stovall HERE!


Now they want to completely end service on Evergreen and Basline? WTF?
I understand that the pin heads at Trimet have to justify their jobs and all, but to continually screw the public in order to justify their employment is unconscionable. This change is ridiculous because it duplicates the 67
I also have been informed since Willow Creek only accommodates 2 bus lines that it has become virtually abandoned. Nothing like eliminating transit hubs right?
How much more damage will be inflicted on the riders stuck with Trimet as their only source of transportation.
One thing Trimet has been successful at is getting people back into their cars.
What a shame.

Well well well, a coincidence?

Now Seattle Metro is threatening a 70% cut , I find that fascinating

A reader writes

6267, bus 1759. Horn randomly going off. That's probably not a safety issue as per Harry Sapporta. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013


The KOIN story which followed up on Bruce Hansen's allegations has brought ODOT into the scene.
The interesting thing about this is a report I got today from a Trimet bus driver.
She said to me "i have never seen so many people working on MAX lines in my entire career at Trimet"
Sounds like someone tipped them off and they are frantically trying to cover up the evidence!

Lane Jensen discusses his meeting with Trimet director Stovall

Bus vs car

I really like Bruce Hansen

Bruce aint much to look at, and he is not the best public speaker, but what he does do is shatter the image of 'union boss'. He's completely believable and could be anyone's pal. As far as I am concerned Bruce has done everything right. He sends out press releases, he is not scared to be on camera, he's engaging the press! Keep up the good work Bruce!

Harry Sapporta is a lying piece of shit

No surprise of course. All the managers lie in order to facilitate their agenda. The 'expert' said right out that Trimet is UNSAFE, Sapporta in the best tradition of overpaid executives lies with a straight face

Portland Transit Lane

Line 94 Feedback
Oh Wow! Transit Day my ASS
Drivers! I Am Your New Friend
February Board Meeting Testimony (Lanes camera angle)
Quick Fix at Clackamas TC, Not at Sunset TC?
Frequent Service?
@pdxstreetcar FAIL!


Letter: Promises overshadowed by crime | The Columbian

Sock puppets on cable access

Brought to you by JASON MCHUFF, if you want to 'hear' the board meetings you can request audio from Trimet, for a fee of course. Trimet=obsessed with secrecy.

The following 5 dates are scheduled for the program "Trimet Board
Meetings February Board Meetings 2.0", Project: Trimet Board Meetings,
starting 2/28/2013.

Sunday 3/10/2013, 6:00 PM, Channel 23

Thursday 3/14/2013, 3:28 PM, Channel 23

Monday 3/18/2013, 10:00 PM, Channel 11

Thursday 3/21/2013, 4:00 PM, Channel 22

Monday 3/25/2013, 3:29 PM, Channel 22

Portland's Off-Track; What A Surprise!


Rest in peace Michael Levine

One minute I am sharing drinks with him the next minute hes gone. Good pal, tremendous activist, there is nobody to fill his shoes.

Michael leaves THESE words of wisdom. (just one of the many great presentations he has made)


KOIN investigates safety problems at Trimet

TriMet open train door incident

Joe Rose

Erik Halstead talks about the terrible line 94!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sock puppets meeting

TriMet February 2013 board meeting: part 1
TriMet February 2013 board meeting: part 2

They got no $ for our health care but Mary Fetsch jets around

Twitter / TedNguyen: Mary Fetsch of trimet in Portland ...

Alex Hawk

As usual, Cameron Johnson steals the show

Lane Jensen part 2

Alan Eisenberg

Lane Jensen

Cameron Johnson gets cut off by Warner

Testimony to the sock puppets

Shame of Trimet

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Alan Eisenberg editorials

Trimet bus interlock failure - YouTube


OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon Yes, OPAL's Bus Riders Unite group will have members in attendance and offering testimony. See you in the AM!


This case was won but not on the issues that I presented. As a matter of fact the hearings officer did not even address the issues that I had brought up, namely Americans with Disabilities Act and how they should be affecting Trimet policy.
My case was based on Angies blood sugar levels, which can be verified by her glucometer which records time and date.
The hearings officer didn't touch it.

A reader writes-'its just a ruse'

The train I'm on. Nope, no door problems, that's just a ruse to make TriMet look bad.



Angie goes over case with me before hearing

Angie wins the right to ride Trimet!


Don't miss tomorrows SOCK PUPPET SHOW!

By the way, I do not remember seeing this announced anywhere!
Wednesday, February 27, 2013, 9 a.m.


Portland Building, Room C
1120 SW 5th Ave
Portland, OR

List of Pork is here! 



"TriMet has repeatedly asked the ATU leadership to come to the table to negotiate excessive healthcare costs and other contract loopholes They have refused to do so." Actually the ATU has been open and willing to negotiate - as long as it was an open, transparent process. TriMet has consistently refused an open process. TriMet does not want the ATU to negotiate by addressing TriMet's own wasteful spending...TriMet ONLY wants to cut union benefits; without considering that TriMet could make several key cuts that would resolve this financial situation now and for many years - and it would involve cutting zero benefits and zero employees. TriMet refuses to address that. TriMet is lying, and as a government agency it should not engage in a war of words. It should stick to the facts. The facts are clear - TriMet's reckless spending on rail projects, revenue bonds, subsidizing non-TriMet functions, creating a "contingency fund" twice as large as last year's for no reason, and other miscellaneous spending needs to stop.


Three years ago the issue of unsafe equipment was brought to the attention of the Trimet management.  They ignored the advice. Now they say the union is grandstanding. Distortion and lies is the way they roll over at Trimet headquarters

Monday, February 25, 2013

Speaking of the corrupt immoral health care industry

Health Care Renewal: Reason for Hope? - Novartis Rescinds Vasella's Golden Parachute
(sent to me via twitter)


I will be speaking for Angie at tomorrow's exclusion hearing. I have gathered evidence that she was genuinely in diabetic shock when the exclusion took place.
Angie suffers from developmental disability, epilepsy, and diabetes.
The vast majority of Trimet employees have no idea what any of that means.
To Trimet employees, there are no poor, there are no disabled, everybody suffers from the same callous treatment. (speaking generally)
Trimet is woefully unprepared to deal with AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT riders.
There has been no training of employees on this subject
The ADA to Trimet means stop announcements and nothing else.
I will do my best to get this exclusion set aside.

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Thanks to I'm late for work. Still don't understand why I'm paying more. Your service is getting worse.

Rolynd Puckett never calls in sick and never crashes

I wonder if Rolynd is aware that Trimet is actively trying to remove his retirement medical benefits?

I used to see him around never actually had a conversation with him.
I always wondered about the sanity of people that never call in sick but nonetheless its quite an accomplishment to achieve 30+ years of safe driving.
TriMet bus operator honored for 30 years/58,000 hours of stellar driving | TriMet Media


Roberta Alstadt is paid handsomely to lie to the public
TriMet Spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt sent KOIN the following statement Monday afternoon:

"As part of an ongoing campaign to discredit TriMet, the ATU alleged that the MAX system is unsafe. These allegations questioning the safety of the MAX system are absolutely false.  (would you expect a overpaid Trimet crony to tell the truth)
"The allegations are meant to deflect attention from contract negotiations. (hilarious)

"TriMet has repeatedly asked the ATU leadership to come to the table to negotiate excessive healthcare costs
(more lies which has nothing to do with the max safety issue) and other contract loopholes (how bout the loopholes in your brain) They have refused to do so.

"TriMet's dedicated safety team and union mechanics, operators, controllers and field staff work every day to insure the system -- both bus and MAX -- is safe for TM riders and their fellow employees."
(freaking hilarious, spend an afternoon sometime listening to the TRIMET SCANNER and see for yourself just how safe and desireable riding Trimet is these days)

TriMet fires back after union alleges safety problems with MAX system trains - KOIN Local 6 News


Before you dismiss the words of ATU 757 president Bruce Hansen I can tell you from first hand experience that this is no made up fantasy.
I was the subject of one such 'witch hunt' immediately after the yellow line crash appeared on Joe Rose's blog and in the newspaper.
I was put on administrative leave, dragged into the office with one of the hatchet men, and told that if I did not give up the source of that video I would suffer the consequences 'such as a drug addict caught with drugs if he didn't give up his drug dealer.' A year later I was gone from the employ of Trimet having endured a series of 'phony' secret rider reports and other management abuses.

TriMet Launches A Witch Hunt and Threatens Retaliation for Recent Stories in the Press
TriMet transit workers are being threatened with job loss, so says Amalgamated Transit Union President Bruce Hansen. The reason, “the workers became concerned that TriMet money is being spent on unnecessary things while public safety issues are going unaddressed. Last Friday, following the open door problem on Max, employees were afraid that the public would think it was a one-time lapse in safety. So they came forward with a whole host of concerns. They then passed those concerns on to the public through a press release.”
The press followed up, asking hard questions. TriMet’s response to learning of unsafe conditions at Rail? “Sadly, it was to launch a witch hunt. They are currently spending a lot of time trying to track down the source of the information. Safety is supposed to be a joint concern,” Hansen says. “Management is missing the point. This was not new information. The workers have been raising these issues and were hoping somebody was ready to listen
The parties’ collective bargaining agreement says: (Mcfarlane has disposed of collective bargaining)
Article 1, Section 15 –
Par. 1. The health and welfare of employees is a primary concern of both the District and Association. Both parties recognize the importance of achieving and maintaining a high level of safety in all operations of the District. Both parties also recognize the importance of reducing on-the-job injuries and controlling property damage and production losses. Both parties recognize the value of safety rules and practices, as well as preventive and corrective safety measures. Therefore, the District and Association, in recognition of their common commitment to promotion of safety and reduction of losses, will jointly support efforts to implement policies, practices, procedures, and protections during the duration of this Agreement to bring this about.

Funny how Trimet changes it story depending on who they are talking too.

 The ACLU claims the microphones violate an Oregon law governing what can be recorded. Specifically, the law states that a recording can’t be made unless “all participants in the conversation are specifically informed that their conversation is being obtained.”
~~~>That is exactly what they told Lane Jensen 

As usual the standards they try to impose on everybody else never apply to them

 Are TriMet bus microphones an invasion of privacy? | News | Lake Oswego News

What the heck is this?

CenterOutsideLobbyEF - YouTube

Look what I got from Trimet today

That's my 15 year pin! Took em a year to get it to me but better late than never right? But you know what? This 'award' is missing one of its 'ruby's! Ha! They get me again!

Trimet from 'happier days'

Trimet ministry here


Mcfarlane couldn't care less about his riding public or his employees but in Singapore going on strike can land you in jail!
The strike could have had the potential to "severely affect the lives of daily commuters," the judge said.

Chinese bus drivers sentenced after going on strike in Singapore -


This bus driver from Russia is my hero! He 'punishes' drivers that cut him off and he runs his own on board camera, something that would have gotten me fired from Trimet

Bus Driver from Zelenograd Earns the Nickname of Punisher

Here is his Youtube channel!

Mcfarlane's massive con game on the employees and public

Recently Mr Mcfarlane, Trimet so called 'general manager' handed out raises and promotions to most of his managerial staff.

This is immediately after he had announced to his board of puppets and the public that there would be 70% cuts to services if union employees/retirees did not submit to his demands to cut their health insurance coverage.


I favor open meetings, especially where public interests are concerned. Unions have amassed considerable clout by organizing public employees and the people ought to be able to observe the negotiations that are being conducted in our interests.
It’s one thing for private sector negotiations to occur in dimly lit, smoke-filled, back-rooms when only profit margins and stockholder interests are concerned, but an entirely different thing when considering public interests. I’m talking about First-Responders (like Police, Fire, and 911 services), Medical (like public Hospital districts & Ambulance services), Life-sustaining services (like Paratransit & Utility services), and Livability services (like Mass Transit, Roads, Sanitation, Parks, Libraries, and School Districts). The governing bodies of these public interests ought to be transparent and accountable to us–WE, THE PEOPLE–the workers who do these jobs ARE us, our family members, friends, and neighbors. It is also for this reason that many of these public interests ought to be protected through the process of Binding Interest Arbitration, and it’s workers must not be compelled to strike, slow down, or stop their work due to a labor dispute with our governing bodies.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Ram Dass

In 1969 I was giving a series of lectures in New York City. Every night, taking the bus up Third Avenue, I got the same extraordinary bus driver. Every night it was rush hour in one of the busiest cities in the world, but we had a warm word and a caring presence for each person who got on the bus.
He drove us as if he were sculling a boat down a river, flowing through the traffic rather than resisting it. Everyone who got on the bus was less likely to kick the dog that evening or to be otherwise hostile and unloving, because of the loving space that driver had created. Yet all he was doing was driving the bus. He wasn’t a therapist or a great spiritual teacher. He was simply being love.
 Original Here!

Supervisory reports


People think I hated my job at Trimet

Well they are all wrong. There was a day that I actually looked  forward to going there. It all ended when Mcfarlane took over with his my way or the highway philosophy.

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Just a general announcement: TriMet just failed the Americans with Physical Disabilities Act. Nice work on the elevators, assholes.

Trimet organizational chart

Who's watching? last 7 days

United States
United Kingdom

Bus driver caught eating behind the wheel rider gets cash

Patty-eating county bus driver draws $100,000 lawsuit - South Florida

And guess who the Director of Transit is down there?
Tim Garling formerly of Trimet

ATU colossal failure in NYC

Following the union’s termination of the month-long strike against the city’s ending of job protections, New York City school bus drivers, escorts and mechanics returned to work on Wednesday. Already, the effects of the betrayal by the Amalgamated Transit Union have become evident, with hundreds of workers receiving layoff notices, in what is undoubtedly only the beginning of escalating attacks against the returning workers.
The ATU Local 1181 shut down the strike after the city’s billionaire mayor Michael Bloomberg accepted bids from contractors, which excluded the Employment Protection Provision (EPP). This provision, established in a bitter strike in 1979, allowed workers to maintain pay and benefits regardless of which private company won city contracts to operate bus routes.
Using the pretense of a worthless commitment from the city’s Democratic mayoral candidates to “revisit” the bidding process at some time in the future, the Local 1181 leadership called off the strike without even a membership vote. In the meantime, as many as 3,000 of the 8,800 student transportation workers face layoff this June as 1,100 routes are contracted out to the new low-cost bidders who no longer have to hire from a citywide seniority list. The rest face demands for 20 percent wage cuts and other concessions.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


Tri-Met train fiasco gets worse
Clackistani upstarts put light rail transactions on ballot

Alphonso Clements Part II

My complaint about Alphonso
Video Here!


Gazette.Net: Senators want to nix audio recording on buses

War on Transit workers

A management audit by consulting heavyweight KPMG found that MARTA spent $50 million above the national average for employee benefits and that the transit authority could save between $60 million and $142 million over five years by outsourcing many functions.

Read the story HERE!

Jay Leno drives a electric bus

Ben Franklin Transit in the Tri-Cities has purchased one of these buses; at 10 minutes into the video they discuss that bus and show a picture of it (appears to be a Gillig body shell).  The bus they are driving is a New Flyer D40LF shell that was converted to electric.


Thanks to @HowWeRoll3 for providing this information.
Just look at all the raises that have been handed out. Mcfarlane threatens 70% service reductions then hands raises to all his crony managers.
Freaking liar Mcfarlane, spreading vile propaganda while living like a pig.

The pure joy of being a bus driver

Four hospitalized after teens shoot up bus in Oakland |

Trimet endorsed and paid for budget analysis

This is the official document that explains  that future expansion of the system rides on the backs of Trimet' current, future, and retired employees. In other words Trimet has no intention of ending capital projects. Experienced Trimet watchers like myself were already aware of this hypocrisy. Mcfarlane and his crew are capital projects junkies with no respect for riders or employees. You will also read in here the BS that we have the 'richest benefits in America'. That is a complete falsification which can be verified HERE by this independent analysis. What you will see is that the cost for our health care is average for Americans with families now. Trimet just want's to drag everybody down in its race to the bottom

Neils Bullshit

The State of TriMet
Posted by Neil McFarlane at Feb 19, 2013 02:15 PM | Permalink

Last Wednesday I presented to the Board the 'State of TriMet' and laid out to them and the community what our finance gurus are telling me. I encourage you to review the full presentation on the web. Here are the main highlights:

1. Last August’s arbitration decision, should it be upheld by the Employment Relations Board, has given us a brief respite from fare hikes and service cuts - with relative stability between now and fiscal year '17 (which starts July 2016). That's the good news, and it holds only if the ATU's appeal of the arbitrator's decision is rejected.(and there is every reason to believe it will be reversed since Trimet has been in the business of breaking laws since Mcfarlane took over)
2. Beginning in FY2017, we would begin to spiral downward with destabilizing service cuts IF the status quo ATU contract prevails.(this is truly pathetic, his lame attempt to pit the riders against the employees, its truly despicable. The man is a slug) If TriMet's proposed contract, or the financial equivalent is negotiated or awarded by another arbitrator, then financial stability continues until 2023 - with a much more modest gap between revenues and expenditures occurring then. (why did he not propose what he wanted first time around? This is some kind of 'Chinese water torture' against employees/retirees? Will the 'proposed' contract also be 'temporary' like this last arbitration decision? Mcfarlane cannot be trusted.)
3. In either case, we won't be growing service beyond the Portland to Milwaukie light rail line, with the exception of our annual small 'fixes' of bus schedules, overcrowding, and connectivity. Recall the PMLR operating increment was part of the 'new' service promised as part of the incremental boost in the payroll tax. (What we have here is the crucial statement, he has just admitted that he expects all future 'growth' to be on the back of his current and retired employees. The system is unsustainable otherwise. My advice, stop growing a system you can't pay for)

All of this, and the assumptions behind these conclusions, is documented in the Financial Forecast Report on TriNET.

The bleak status quo financial forecast should motivate us all to bring the transit system we all deeply care about back to growth. The key step toward a more positive future is achieving a sustainable financial structure.(how bout stop building things you can't afford) That means ATU contract reform – common-sense changes that are already in place for non-union employees, (people that don't work outside, work all hours of day and night, people who's job doesn't destroy their bodies, and people who are not exposed to  every bacteria and virus known to mankind) but need to be in place for the 83% of our represented employees. It also means continuous improvement in other areas of work to ensure we are providing the highest quality of service possible. We can never hold still. We can't be 'frozen' like a deer in the headlights. Every day we must make decisions and take actions that we believe will improve service. Our customers and the region deserve no less! (you can't even run what you have now effeciently, and you want to keep growing, on the backs of the people doing the work on top of it all  Neil, why don't you tell us how much your pension will be even after you have screwed everything up so badly)

Best to you all this week!

Liar and cheats in charge of Trimet nowadays

vintage ad

Trimet ministry publication

Where is Harrison Square

This is very odd. Getting to Harrison Square is not as easy as it looks. The streetcar is the most frequent of the transit options. Not one single bus line together has frequent service on it. Lines 36, 38, 55, and 92 only offer Rush Hour service. Who decided to put the TriMet Headquarters there? (I believe this 'insider deal' went to a former city Councillor who owns the  building.  Remember its Portland, as corrupt as Chicago just painted over in green)

Source:Portland Transit Lane | The Untold stories of Portland Transit

What Trimet says:

Q: Where is Harrison Square and how do I get there?

A: Harrison Square (HSQ) is located at 1800 SW 1st Avenue between Naito Parkway and 1st on Harrison St. HSQ is a six-story office building and TriMet rents a floor and a half. HSQ is blocks from PSU and accessible via many options on the Transit Mall, the Streetcar and Bus Lines 17, 35, 36, 38, 45, 54, 55, 56 and 92. Question? Just Ask! Contact us at 

Portland Transit Lane

The Latest Crap From Inside TriMet

Mobile Ticketing App Breakdown

TriMet Bull

Corporate Scandal

Friday, February 22, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
U know Oregon I'm all 4 mass transit but given the record U couldn't pay me 2 ride it. Now the doors are just flying open?

An Open Letter to Riders and Drivers

The Kid's Take: Portland Transit Activism from the Bottom Up

Great alert


ATU 757 -TriMet Max: A Series of Disasters Waiting to Happen

TriMet workers say that open doors on traveling trains are just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to delayed maintenance on what used to be a renowned transit system. According to Bruce Hansen, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union, management has been alerted repeatedly to dangerous problems on the light rail system, yet has failed to take action.
"Our workers are afraid that a passenger, a member of the public or one of their co-workers is going to be injured or killed. It's that simple," explained Hansen.

Can never have enough light rail

All MAX lines are disrupted due to a minor collision between an auto and a train near the Steel Bridge. Expect delays.

Sock puppets on cable

The following 5 dates are scheduled for the program "Trimet Board Meetings: February Board Briefing", Project: Trimet Board Meetings, starting 2/21/2013.

Wednesday 2/27/2013, 9:00 PM, Channel 22

Friday 3/1/2013, 3:58 PM, Channel 22

Sunday 3/3/2013, 10:58 PM, Channel 11

Tuesday 3/5/2013, 1:00 PM, Channel 23

Friday 3/8/2013, 8:58 PM, Channel 23

Clackamas County board splits on placing two Portland-Milwaukie light rail measures on May ballot

Trimet messing with Joe Rose, cause that's what rogues do

Joseph Rose: TriMet asks, 'What shiny red levers on MAX trains?' |

I, Anonymous | I, Anonymous

Portland Mercury

Thursday, February 21, 2013



Of course they will try to blame the MAX door incident on the operator

Did TriMet operator ignore MAX rider's emergency intercom calls about open doors?

'Big Bird' Larry Boltjes no stranger to controversy

Bricker appealed the suspension to Multnomah County Circuit Court, where the case bounced around before a judge recently determined its free-speech questions should be answered in federal court. The gray areas of TriMet's noise code is only part of why the public should be alarmed by confrontation, Paternoster said. TriMet, he said, needs to do a better job of training workers interacting with the public to have a thicker skin. "Jennie Bricker was just a bystander -- a passerby -- voicing her opinion," Paternoster said. "Ironically, she's punished for defending someone else's free-speech rights."
 Portland attorney says TriMet's questionable enforcement of noise rules violated free-speech right


High-Priced Bus Drivers In Lansing [Michigan Capitol Confidential]

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two young ladies upset about multiple fare checks

Interview with Lane Jensen regarding his exclusion

Fare Nazi Big Bird abuses his authority

Lane Jensen sends in complaint through official channels


Funny Trimet voicemails



Since Trimet is raping all of us this is an appropriate theme song to listen to while watching the sock puppets meetings

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
The bus drivers for are so nice! They wave at you, when they pass you at a stop and everything!


Trimet is a firm believer in Trickle down theory!
They take great joy on pissing on their employees and their riders!


Looming Fiscal Cliff For Seattle Transit | Transportation Nation

Crumbling Trimet is good for business

Cabs, rental cars by the hour or day, and the good old private automobile are all doing better due to crumbling Trimet services: Lawyers Paying $8.47 on Cabs Deepens Chile Bus-Bond Rout - Bloomberg


Glad to see that TriMet is not a transit agency, it's not a healthcare's a consulting business, an I.T./software company, a construction company, a development company...but NOT a Transit Agency. 
(Erik Halstead)


Watch Allan Here!


And Trimet has been lying all along. (which anybody with any brains figured out long ago)

When the union lost the last arbitration all blue cross members are now responsible for $3000 co-pays on our coverage.

Guess what? According to the MILLIMAN MEDICAL INDEX Trimet pays the average amount of money for health care and our out of pocket is also average.

Lies lies and more lies. (keep on working that overtime and bailing out those monsters in charge)

Photo by

Trimet Pork Opportunities

In one breath they threaten 70% cuts in the next breath they are beefing up the ranks on the useless over paid bureaucrats. It never ends with the poster child of deceit, TRIMET. Here we have a 72k/yr PART TIME PORK job. How despicable is this?

Job Title: Policy Advisor (Part-Time)
Closing Date/Time: Continuous
Salary: $4,223.25 - $6,015.00 Monthly
$50,679.00 - $72,180.00 Annually
Job Type: Non-Union Regular Part-Time

This is most likely that job that has been promised to that Mcfarlane crony that I reported on this blog in a previous post. You know they have to 'pretend' they are actually recruiting someone.
Listen to this nonsense:
Provide support to TriMet's Department of Diversity & Transit Equity through the development, assessment and integration of policies and program by leading and performing research and analysis in the areas of transit equity Title VI, Environmental Justice and related civil rights and socioeconomic issues relating to TriMet’s diverse service territory. 

Urban Renewal-Another Light Rail Casualty

This is the old NorPac Building at 1505 SE Gideon St, just north of Powell Blvd.Like Mahatma, it is Ghandi.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

WelcomeTransit Rider PDX

A new blog by a local transit enthusiast who is very familiar with the topic and who we have  SEEN speaking at Trimet hearings. Click  HERE! to visit the new blog in town

Neil Mcfarlane's voice mail

Imagine the media reaction if this had happened in PDX!

Wrong-way RTD bus driver ticketed - The Denver Post

Democrats sold out the NYC school bus drivers

And where is it that we have heard and seen  this before?

Bloomberg justified his refusal to even negotiate by claiming that since the city didn't directly employ bus personnel, it wasn't a party to the strike. This was rejected by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), which found that the city and the bus companies were both "primary employers" of the striking workers. The mayor simply ignored the NLRB finding.

Steve and Al on the town and Trimet system

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
this train isn't moving so the next train can't pull in. What is the fucking problem? Fire your entire ops team.


Student Driver at North Terminal

Al always loved the big steering wheels of the dinosaurs.


Rome may be burning but they are having the greatest time down there.
Click HERE! for the latest stupid Trimet contest.