Monday, February 4, 2013

From on on duty driver-safety first right?

I really hate when they trade your bus out for very different bus (2100s) that has different switches, different blind spots, different blinkers, differnt mic pedal, different steering on the fly. I really hate that.

another episode of NEILS BULLSHIT

From Willy Week

 Murmurs: Hose Flushing, Ghost Trains and a Nike Shocker

The Portland Bureau of Transportation has spent $3.8 million in the past year—that’s 19 percent of all parking-meter revenues—to clean up TriMet’s transit mall, pay off the mall’s debt, and create marketing campaigns to lure more shoppers downtown. The expenses included $331,000 for “hose flushing” the transit mall twice a week. City Auditor LaVonne Griffin-Valade revealed this finding in a Jan. 30 audit, which points to many pressing transportation needs and chides the City Council for launching new projects without money to pay for them. WW broke news of the audit three weeks ago (“A Fork in the Road,” WW, Jan. 9, 2013). One example: Mayor Sam Adams’ $16 million commitment to build sidewalks in neighborhoods that lack them. The audit says the city counted on gas-tax revenues that didn’t come in as projected—and then “opted to reduce other transportation programs in the adopted budget rather than reduce funding for these new capital commitments for sidewalks.”
  • Portland’s new eastside streetcar is earning the nickname “Ghost Train” for how few riders the line gets. The city is now seeking proposals to install automated passenger-counting systems in six of its streetcars, including the eastside Central Loop line and busier westside lines. The city currently pays TriMet to conduct a census of streetcar ridership, but it can’t afford to get stop-by-stop numbers. No word yet whether blogger Jack Bogdanski—who frequently documents eastside streetcars traveling empty—has put in a bid.

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

Seriously. Fuck this girl and her farting on the . We're in a moving box... STOP! Clench like the gods till you get off.

Meanwhile up in Vancouver

Washington initiative king Tim Eyman, 'birther' attorney team up to stop Vancouver light rail |


Disclaimer on previous post

The following statement  has been added to Trimet violates Lane Jensens civil rights

(NOTE: The driver in this altercation states that the union requested Lane follow and post drivers/managers addresses-the union never requested that Lane do that. The driver spoke incorrectly) 


Seen on Trimet max today

Discussion of twitter participants

This video has been edited at the request of twitter members and full names have been removed


Bruce Hansen taking the high road

Bruce Hansen with his 2 sons
The more I watch Bruce Hansen in charge of ATU 757 the more  I like the man.
I knew him from my days at Trimet.
He represented me well in several disputes with management.
And I knew the man possessed personal integrity, always a good thing.
He is not much of a public speaker, but there is a genuine quality to his presentation, he is believable.
He certainly does not come off as a 'union boss' but rather a nice honest guy.
Everything he has done so far has been 'high road' material, in contrast to Trimet's 'low road'.
And in contrast to former president Hunt, President Hansen in not in hiding.
He has issued numerous press releases, done interviews, and written editorials.
I don't think he could do much more than he is doing.
So far the extra dues we are paying is well worth it.
I think Bruce is representing us well. I continue to support him in his efforts to bring the facts to light in this ongoing dispute with Trimet


 Oregonian article is here
I am writing in response to The Oregonian editorial "Get rid of binding arbitration" (Jan. 20), which calls for the Legislature to repeal the law that bars transit workers from striking and mandates binding arbitration to settle disputes. It is difficult to understand why anyone would want a TriMet work stoppage given the snail's pace of this region's economic recovery and the harm it would bring to so many people. Binding arbitration prevents more than the loss of a "ride across town." A transit strike or lockout brings consequences.


Mcfarlane BS claims Trimet on the front lines of bus technology. Well we all know he is full of BS!


The Amalgamated Transit Union wants to set the record straight. For some time now, the Union has not commented on a TriMet misstatement of fact that the media has picked up and reprinted. That statement appeared again in TriMet’s Friday night press release. That release stated:

"Richest benefit package in the world'

By Bruce Peek
Hype from a viscious management regurgitated by the corporate mainstream media

It introduces the whole subject
of telling the truth about what claims and counterclaims management
has been making about our pay and benefits for the last three years.

But, and this is important I have not been successful in getting
Bruce Hansen and the ATU to follow up on the un-truth of managements
claims that our benefits are the ," most lucrative in the
transportation industry."

It's as if management is saying that our
operators have better benefits than Barack Obama and make more money
than Mitt Romney.

The truth of course is that while Seattle metro Bus
drivers make $30.21 per hour we make $26.76 per hour. That is a
difference in pay of 13.89 percent. The predictable reply of course
will be that well Seattle has a higher cost of living than Portland.

Well our reply should be while it is no doubt true that housing in
Seattle's posh Queen Anne neighborhood is perhaps more expensive than
trailer court rents in Felony Flats off of southeast 82nd in Portland,
Portland is the #3 real estate market in the nation and Seattle is
number 2.

The differences between Seattle and Portland while they do
exist certainly don't total 14% more costly for Seattle.

This is for Erik Halstead

This track maintenance train was parked along Columbia Blvd. yesterday across from Colwood Golf Course.I have never seen this type of locomotive before in Oregon.Where was it manufactured ?