Friday, February 8, 2013


Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
I have to wait 40 min for the bus! on my birthday!? Damn you Trimet... damn you

Parkersmuse is not amused

. yes, but this keeps happening an lot. I DO get to my stop early. I DO call to check when bus will arrive. Your service is FAIL

. and in case you didn't read my tweet. READ IT AGAIN. I DID CHECK TRANSIT TRACKER. Your answer is pandering BS

. why should I call or email? Do tell. It's a systemic issue not a "customer service" issue. Fix your damn GPS system.

(another satisfied customer)

Leonard James meets Lane Jensen

Portland Transit Lane

Warners predictable response to Clackistan revolutionaries

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TriMet to Clackamas County: It's too late to stop Portland-Milwaukie light rail, but stop your votes |


How much do you want to bet he will use this occasion to make anti union comments and innuendos. It's interesting he would chose this venue  to make his little speech  where no  public comment is allowed


I used to refer to the "Trimet treatment' constantly when I was making my daily videos while working there.
The 'treatment' I refer to is the complete lack of competent management review of incidents. It happens to employees, it happens to riders. 
The institution known as Trimet seems to be unable to react to legitimate concerns but is also unable to discern incidents that are not even true or misidentified.
It's one of the great things about not working there, no more suffering the Trimet treatment.
I suffered many instances of Trimet treatment, in the end it was enough to get me to leave.

But Dan Christensen to suffer this treatment is unbelievable, really!
Don't they even know who he is? Well, they most likely don't have the slightest idea who he is or what he has done since being a bus driver at Trimet. That after all is the Trimet way, talk out your ass and make your organization look like its run by morons, which it apparently is.

Something happened yesterday that made me laugh. Sometimes something very small happens that defines Trimet in it’s entirety. Like senseless rebuilding of fences and ascetic landscaping in a bus driver parking lot in the middle of a budget problem. That’s right we can’t pay you bus drivers this year but we need to pay to plant new flowers around your parking lot and field.. you know where no one ever cares to look. Sometimes it’s the small that truly reveals what’s wrong with Trimet on the large scale.  
So I was off from the 29th of Jan until the 7th of Feb but when I came into work I had interoffice mail. I opened the envelope and there is a complaint. 
A complaint? How do you get a complaint when you have been home sick?
I go see my manager and he swears it's me. I show him the incident date and it says the 30th of Jan. 
"That can't be me I was out sick" I say. 
"No it's you" He says adamantly.
I offer up my doctor notes. "No look I was off those days"
"You wanna see the video?" He asks smugly “I’ve seen it, it’s you” 
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You can't make every worker happy, surely, and should a business even try? Evidence from our recent research suggests, actually, that the answer is yes. Or rather, our evidence shows that managers are giving up far too soon on their disgruntled employees, making them less productive than they could be, exposing their companies to unnecessary risks from thefts and leaks in the process, and inflating turnover costs.
What causes employees to become disgruntled and what can be done to prevent it? To find out we zeroed in on the most unhappy people in our data. These were 6% in our database of 160,576 employees who displayed the lowest levels of job satisfaction and commitment on their 360 evaluations of their bosses. We were looking for those among them whose managers also oversaw the most satisfied employees. In this way we identified that group of leaders who were managing both the very unhappy and the very happy at the same time.
The results of the data were clear: There is most definitely such a thing as "the boss's favorites." And while, in any disagreement we inevitably find both parties bear part of the fault — that is, the disgruntled employees do certainly play some role in their own unhappiness — we consistently found in the analysis that their complaints were justified. Their managers were in fact treating the disgruntled employee differently than they treated their very satisfied employees. What's more, when the managers in question started to treat their disgruntled employees like everyone else, the employees' behavior quickly improved.
Our results suggest a clear path forward for bringing disgruntled employees back into the fold. In particular, the unhappy group in our survey strongly agreed on six major areas in which they felt (and we agree) that their leaders needed to improve:

Are You Creating Disgruntled Employees? - Joseph Folkman - Harvard Business Review

Milwaukie City Council ponders delaying TriMet ballot measure

Lane Jensen shows up on Victoria Taft's KPAM talk show



I hear you have to push a button and wait for someone to come out to help you. The execs all get brand new offices with brand new furniture worth millions and what do the riders get? A van that is located OUTSIDE! Trimet values on display for the world!


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