Sunday, February 10, 2013

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Portland Transit Lane

Citizen Oversight Panel

Portland Transit Lane


 Nothing like anti gay jokes huh? And I am not disgruntled, I am disillusioned. Note Lane's comments, he does not report nor does he listen to me.
Trimet – HATE MAIL | Portland Transit Lane

You Will Be Absorbed

MaxRedline (that was my post over at the Oregonian-RESISTANCE IS FUTILE CLACKISTAN)

Mobile ticketing begins

Starting February 11, a couple dozen TriMet employees will use their smartphones instead of their badges when boarding lines 17 and 70. This phase of testing is designed to gather feedback from operators as well as information about how the app works in the real world. Outreach to operators of lines 17 and 70—including the Center extraboard and relevant vacation relief operators—is under way. The next round of testing will be much larger, involving all bus lines, and about 200 members of the general public. Expanded outreach to bus operators will take place before this phase of testing launches in the spring. More information on

Harrison Square

  • Building access: The 1st floor main lobby is open 6 a.m.-6 p.m., Monday-Friday. Afterhours access: Harrison Square employees have 24-7 badge access from level P2, near 1st Ave.
  • Badge access is based on business need. Your badge is programmed to give you 24-7 access to your own work area. Whether—and when—you have access to other locations depends on the nature of your work. Contact Kathy Daniels with any requests to adjust your badge access: 

Construction update

Construction Update: 17th & Center

Joke of the day

In an effort to be transparent to our represented workforce as well as the community we serve, we have posted all of the information of our ongoing contract negotiations between TriMet and the ATU at  On this page you will find TriMet’s proposal to the ATU, information to help you and the community understand what’s in the proposal, and all the correspondence between TriMet and the ATU.

If they were so interested in transparency they would allow the public into the negotiations.