Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Listen to this nonsense

This idiot currently in charge of Trimet is talking about 2023!
That takes nerve to talk about 10 years away, real nerve.
Totally lacks credibility-from the 'slide show' today

If our current contract offer is accepted or we prevail in arbitration and no other changes are made – we still face service cuts in FY2023.
(3, 3 year contract periods to adjust this more minor misalignment)
What you should forget is that this forecast DOES NOT include restoring or adding any new service – except for operating the Portland-Milwaukie Light Rail service.
We would only make slight increases in bus service to solve reliability problems and peak overloads.
We must find financial stability if we are to grow our service.
We face a fundamental question – are we a health care organization or a transit provider.

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Wow, people really DO go from the back of the bus, past the back door, to exit out the front. I thought that was an asshole myth.



No part time nonsense sounds like a real transit agency not the bullshit we have in Portlandia photo by Erik Halstead

TriMet may be rolling toward disaster, but there's debate about what's driving the problems

 But far more than a lavish union contract would likely be at fault, they said. Rather, according to Pickrell and other experts who spoke to The Oregonian, TriMet has boxed itself into a situation where it has taken on grander projects to add more transit miles, even as it talks publicly about seemingly uncontrollable labor and operating costs. The agency also must explore new revenue sources, they said.

My comments:

“Once regarded as the gold standard of public transit in the United States, TriMet is at risk of becoming a "skeletal system" if labor costs aren't reduced, McFarlane warned.”
~~~> I’m not sure how this myth got started But I grew up in Boston and when I came to PDX I never saw TRIMET as being that big of a deal compared to the cities like Boston and New York
“”But far more than a lavish union contract would likely be at fault, they said. Rather, according to Pickrell and other experts who spoke to The Oregonian, TriMet has boxed itself into a situation where it has taken on grander projects to add more transit miles, even as it talks publicly about seemingly uncontrollable labor and operating costs. The agency also must explore new revenue sources, they said.””
~~~>and this is what we have been saying for years, they took every grant for expansion which was offered with no regard to the future.
“”Still, TriMet's union workers have some of the most generous health-care benefits in the U.S. transit industry.””
~~~>This is just not true anymore since the last arbitration loss and now we pay for the entire increase for this years coverage. A complete misrepresentation of the facts
“”Under the just-expired contract green-lighted by the arbitrator last summer, premiums for the average union worker cost TriMet $30,000 or more a year, while union employees pay 10 percent out-of-pocket costs up to $1,500 with no premiums through retirement.””
~~~>Again completely false.  ½ the employees have no dependents and ½ have Kaiser, its just not true at all. “”

“Although the arbitrator's decision was supposed to be binding, the ATU has appealed it, hoping to restore near-universal health care that had existed for nearly 20 years before the ruling. The union contends management broke labor laws while negotiating the last contract. te misrepresentation””
~~>which indeed they did do. Multiple rulings by the ELRB on this topic have been against Trimet
“””"In my view," he said, "this is really an S.O.S. to our community – save our service."””
~~~>Another stupid slogan by the Trimet ministry of propaganda
And once again I post the words of john Charles”


Did you know that the wages for a Trimet driver topped out at about $17/hr 30 years ago.
Today it's a little over $26  an hour.
That's a 35% increase, all due to cost of living raises, Trimet union employees have not had an actual raise in 30 years.

At the same time 30 years ago the General Managers salary topped out at $103,000.

Fred's salary was close to $300k, Mcfarlane is pulling down $220k.

Using Mcfarlanes salary as the basis that is a rise that's an crease of 120%.

Executive wages have increased by an absurd rate, yet the union is the problem.

Oregonian article on the Trimet end of days

 Some interesting comments there
TriMet general manager warns of 70 percent service cuts by 2025 if union doesn't budge on health benefits |


Today, TriMet issued another press release threatening dire service cuts far into the future. Once again, the agency placed the blame for its projected financial woes on the healthcare and pension costs of its frontline workforce. According to the Amalgamated Transit Union, the TriMet workers’ representative, TriMet’s numbers just aren’t adding up.
“I am a trustee of the pension fund, so I see the numbers,” says Bruce Hansen, the union’s president. He noted that the TriMet pension trust (not to be confused with the more costly state system, PERS) currently has over $58 million on deposit. Last year, the fund grew by three-quarters of a million dollars and had a total payout to retirees of just over $6 million. At that rate,” Hansen stated, “there are enough funds in the trust to pay pensions for nearly ten years, even if no other contributions were made.”
“Of course,” Hansen continued, “TriMet could choose to create a pension crisis by refusing to contribute anything at all to the pension fund. To do so, however, would be an extraordinary action to take, considering they are paying pensions as high as $16,000 a month to the former general manager and $11,000 a month to the former general counsel.”
Hansen also questions TriMet’s ongoing claim that its workforce has “among the richest health plans in the industry. Right now, TriMet employees are paying a higher percentage for their health care than most public employees.” He says that the disputed arbitration award gave management the right to recoup past years’ expenditures for health care. “But,” says Hansen, “you have to wonder at TriMet’s budgeting process. They should have budgeted for health insurance in those prior years. In effect, any money from the arbitration award would be a windfall for the agency, not something to fix a prior budgeting mistake.”
The real “boogyman” that should concern the public, says Hansen, is the steady diversion of operations funds into capital projects. “TriMet keeps expanding the system, and then it complains when labor costs go up. Who do they think is keeping all that new equipment running?” he asks. Hansen suggests that TriMet’s latest service cut threat should spur a full public inquiry of just how taxpayer money is being managed at TriMet.



This is hardly an 'outburst' he just corrected some misinformation. Notice how the board was silent for a few seconds after he corrected them

Mcfarlanes idiotic propaganda speech part 2

Mcfarlane tries to justify his union busting to Willy Week

Why Neil McFarlane Wants to Allow TriMet Bus Drivers to Strike

Lane Jensen on Joe Rose

Sweitzers idiotic comment Mcfarlanes presentation

Bruce Hansen on Mcfarlane

Mcfarlane immediately begins his propaganda by praising his pet project MLR


Here is the slideshow anti union propaganda


About weasel Mcfarlanes little anti union speech today

Click Here

New TriMet buses come with microphones to record you complaining about new TriMet buses

Portland Pulp


You have no idea the fury I have in my heart for and McFarlane's bullying, abuse, lies, manipulation and selfishness right now.

Did he mention the costs of the new office for TriMet's upper class? The multiple new 50-100k bureaucratic jobs hired in this hiring freeze?


Weasel Mcfarlane using his millions of tax dollars to defeat unionism

He is making the rounds in the press, spilling his vile anti union message. All the while he expands the system spending billions of tax dollars, using the  Trimet credit card (bonds) without even a second thought, and the never ending hiring of useless highly paid executives.

Here he has an interview with Arron Mesh Hotseat: TriMet General Manager Neil McFarlane


The anti union propaganda has sunk to new lows with that weasel Mcfarlane threatening to basically shut down the transit system if the union doesn't accept decimation of its current benefits package. The world wide war on the working man continues in the once progressive city/state of Portlandia.

Story by Michael Anderson Yikes! Scary TriMet slideshow warns of 70% service cut by 2025

If current trends continue, TriMet would have to eliminate 63 bus lines and 70 percent of transit service in the next 10 years.
That’s the shockingly dire warning TriMet executives have chosen for the launch of the agency’s budget season tomorrow, according to a slideshow fragment circulated to stakeholders this week.
Using language TriMet managers had mostly avoided over the previous four years of cuts, the slideshow refers to a slow-motion "service crisis" for the agency created by costs that are expected to grow far faster than revenues through 2030.
The slideshow even includes a map showing 22 transit lines that might remain in that hypothetical 2025 – basically the agency’s frequent service bus network plus MAX and WES commuter rail.
It’s not yet clear what assumptions lie behind those projections – for example, whether they contemplate any tax increases, or whether the agency would expect any administrative cuts to accompany a 70 percent service cut.
Three of the seven circulated slides focus on the cost of TriMet’s medical benefits for its future retirees, a huge and growing expense that the agency has spent the last decade failing to save money for.

The dramatic rhetoric is the latest step in a long, slow about-face by the agency, which as recently as 2010 was willing to borrow $60 million from its future operating budgets to cover its share of the new Orange Line. After years of warnings by activists from the political right, left and center, TriMet executives now speak frequently about their catastrophically imbalanced long-term budget.
General Manager Neil McFarlane is scheduled to present a one-hour "state of TriMet" report to his bosses, the agency’s state-appointed board, during today’s 9 a.m. TriMet board briefing at the ODOT offices in Old Town.
TriMet workers’ union has been amping up its own rhetoric, too, with a new website presenting its side of the argument and a comprehensive critique of TriMet management published Monday on one operator’s blog.
But unlike management, the union has yet to acknowledge the size of Portland’s coming transit crunch – or to propose any solutions big enough to solve it.