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Streetcar fail

Streetcar Only Collecting Half of Its Projected Fares

Mcfarlanes boring budget presentation


Memo to Neil and Tiffany: Resign

Here's a pair to draw to:
Addressing an investigation by The Oregonian, which showed the TriMet boss quietly tapped into a rainy day fund to give $910,000 in pay raises for executives and non-union managers, McFarlane conceded, "We didn’t do a very good job" with transparency. "My apologies for that," he said during the meeting at TriMet's new downtown Portland headquarters. "We have to do better, and we will."
In response, TriMet’s board of directors admitted knowing about McFarlane’s plans for the phantom pay raises, ending a 3½-year pay freeze for non-union workers, even as the agency prepared to cut service and raise fares in a tough economy.
Board member Tiffany Sweitzer said the raises were brought up in "internal budget discussions" last spring. She conceded that TriMet leaders and the board should have done a better job of letting the public know about the pay adjustments.
"It’s a lesson we need to follow through," Sweitzer said.
The only "follow through" that's needed here is new leadership for the hopelessly insolvent Tri-Met. McFarlane, Sweitzer (Homer Williams's stepdaughter), the Pamplin guy, Warner, and the rest of the face cards, top to bottom, need to move on.
Today's touching confessions took place "in Tri-Met's new downtown Portland headquarters" -- rented from Legend Dan Saltzman, of course. And just up the street from some serious devastation caused by the Mystery Train to Milwaukie. "Sorry" is the right word for the whole scene.
Memo to Neil and Tiffany: Resign (Jack Bog's Blog)

The complete board of Mcfarlane lap dogs meeting today

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Trimet ticket machine fiasco

More MAX riders tell KATU News they're being unfairly ticketed because it's impossible to buy a ticket at some stops.
But ticket officers have no sympathy.
Causing all the fuss is the ticket machines that sometimes don't work. So folks get on the trains anyway thinking they have a good reason for having no ticket.

TriMet pay raises: Board members knew about hidden increases for execs, say more transparency needed

The way that throw that word 'transparency' around is hilarious! Especially since there is absolutely no transparency at Trimet. Mcfarlane thinks if he keeps repeating words like SAFETY and TRANSPARENCY then that must mean they actually do those things. Nothing is further from the truth
 Joe Rose article here!

Mcfarlane discusses bus driver appreciation day

People abandoning MAX says Mcfarlane- he doesn't understand why?

Mcfarlane discusses the collusion with ODOT

Mcfarlane discusses the Clackistani lawsuit

ATU 757 responds to the executive bonanza

And Here’s a Note to You, Neil . . .                                                March 13, 2013

So there you have it folks

The Trimet board of lap dogs fully support that tyrant Mcfarlane, hear them yourselves in the posts right under this one
Never in the history of Trimet has a board not supported the general manager.
Trimet was set up by the Goldschmidt crowd specifically to AVOID public accountability.
The public is in a state of outrage, and here we have this board of elitist hacks supporting the tyrant.
Not one director spoke up for the public, its truly truly pathetic.
Isn't it odd that not one major media outlet is reporting on these elitist hacks and the way they support Mcfarlane robbing from his employees and his public.
The oligarchy is firmly in control of Trimess, its the saddest day in Trimet history.

Lap dog 'sleepy' Bethel says raises should have been higher

Lap dog Prosser defends raises

Lap dog Sweitzer admits board knew of raises and agree with them

The multimillionaire developer on the Portland Streetcar line always faithful to her master

Mcfarlanes pathetic explanation for giving executive raises

Watch how casually he talks about this, as if it doesn't even matter to him. What a slug this guy is


Nothing succeeds like failure at Tri-Met

They gave out raises to all the suits while the transit agency hurtles toward bankruptcy. All the while, the head honcho, who handed himself a 3% raise, was telling the public and the union that there was a management pay freeze in place. That guy needs a new gig somewhere else. And his board of know-nothing directors should be incarcerated.


Great comment on Trimet Oligarchs

- The President of the United States
- Congress
- The Military
- Our state government
- City of Portland

A list of organizations with more accountability to the public than TriMet.

In our society, their arrogance has few peers - perhaps only Wall Street and the oil companies compare to TriMet's contempt for their customers and lack of accountability to anyone. 

Seattle posts impressive bus ridership numbers

(Jack Bog's Blog)

These Are Times That TriMet Men's Souls

Last year, as TriMet cut bus service for the fifth time in four hard years and saddled riders with the biggest fare increase in the agency's history, its managers discreetly gave themselves $910,000 in pay raises. Well, you know, you really don't want to lose the managers who've been working so hard to drive the agency into the dirt. At least the "general manager" who miraculously found the cash didn't try to explain that It's For The Children™. Of course, Neal McFarlane, along with most of the governor-appointed board at TriMet are - like the current and former governors themselves - long-time members of FON (Friends of Neil). The stink of the Goldschmidt era wafts on in Portland. Read the entire post at MaxRedline

Another laughable LAP DOG meeting has just ended

Mcfarlane is always protected by his board of Lap dogs
Here are some of the tweets from todays 'lap dog' meeting.

What is TRIMET anyway?

Definition of OLIGARCHY

: government by the few
: a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes; also : a group exercising such control

2 classy operators (re-posted)


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

. once again the 2 ticket machines at 60th are kaput. Is this low stakes lottery or part of an insidious plan?

Funny picture

Worst Trimet GM in history

Unions won seats for Democrats who are now turning their backs on unions

Despite their clout, Oregon's public-sector unions face tough fights in 2013 Legislature |

TriMet's hidden pay raises to non-union employees undercut trust before labor negotiations

McFarlane told The Oregonian's editorial board Tuesday: "I'll admit it, we followed a business as usual approach. But last year was not business as usual, and we should have been more transparent."

We'd raise that one: Business-as-usual in a public agency needs to change if it means big money things sometimes go unannounced. Non-union salaries and benefits always deserve full public accounting, even if they did rise far less than did those of union employees between 2004 and 2013.

Oregonian Editorial Board

An interesting comment by the RAMPANT LION

Tom Horton is the Rampant Lion
I'm bothered by OPAL's presumption that this municipal corporation, this quasi-private company, TriMet, even has what it calls "constituents". For a governing body to have constituents would imply that somebody got elected to be accountable for something. TriMet's Board of Directors are all appointed by Governor Kitzhaber, none are elected, and obviously none demonstrate any transparency or responsibility to any member of the public, union worker, or social advocacy organization. Those people need to open their eyes and get the bigger picture on what's going on here--nothing short of union busting, privatization, and filthy rich bastards getting richer while they impose austerity on the rest of us!

Trimet-wasteful, bloated, self serving tax funded institution

Where’s the love? Is TriMet planning to bar access to the Labor Press? | nwLaborPress


Portland Transit Lane

Is Trimet Really Safe?
Bus Line History
How Can They Lie?
Portland Transit Lane Episode 10
TriMet Whines and Gets Their Way
What Would You Do?
Only Caring About Themselves

Have you left no sense of decency Mcfarlane?



Meanwhile, Bruce Hansen, president of ATU 757, said he voluntarily took a pay cut when took over the union last summer, dropping from more than $100,000 a year for his predecessor to $88,000.
From  THIS article

How much further is this man going to drag down Trimet?

All the latest Trimet news is no surprise to me.
It didn't take me long to figure out what kind of man Mcfarlane was.
A career technocrat living off the tax payers for decades now, soulless, heartless, an arrogance so huge its astonishing.
This kind of man is rarely seen in such a high profile job, most public figures have much more skill in handling executive functions.
Fred was a great con man, but at least he appeared to care, and being a bus driver under his rule was still sorta fun.
Mcfarlane came along and changed everything for the worse.
He was probably the biggest reason I retired long before I would have otherwise.  He is such a 'secretive' guy that he sent his goons to hassle me constantly.
I finally had enough of that bullshit and just left.
Now he is trying to screw me out of my retirement.
Cut services, cut benefits and GIVE OUT RAISES TO YOUR FAVORITE CRONIES.
Out of the 'contingency' budget no less.
The contingency budget is supposed to be for unseen emergencies but Mcfarlane decided to hijack it for himself and his cronies.
After all he has done to ruin Trimet, he still sits in the drivers seat backed completely by that board of puppets and that weak kneed Judas Kitzhaber.
Michael Anderson ran the story first although it appears that Joe Rose was indeed working on the story but his 'private' information was leaked publicly.
I had this information up on my blog two weeks ago.
Oregonian gets much more audience than Portland A-Foot so lets read through some of the comments about this situation

Monday, March 11, 2013

TriMet execs received big pay increases, even as transit agency increased fares, cut routes |

Joe Rose


TriMet managers quietly gave themselves raises just before fare hike, agency says

Michael Anderson is the only truly independent transit reporter in Portland
These people in charge of Trimet now have absolutely no ethics. They are despicable.
And notice how no major major media has reported this.
Once again Michael Anderson proves he is the only truly independent transit journalist in Portland.

Portland A-Foot

Anybody that uses the bus/rail as the escape route deserves to be caught

Portland bank robbery suspect attempts to use TriMet bus as getaway car, police say |

And of course it was tweeted in Real Time by TriMet Scanner

Almost another assault against bus driver

Driver punched on route 6

Portland TriMet driver punched in the face | Portland

Two arrested after assault on TriMet driver in North Portland |

Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers - TriMet driver assaulted at Jantzen Beach

Witness: TriMet bus driver assaulted -

TriMet doing something amazing (for TriMet)

An interesting Customer Service conversation featuring the great Ed Rosney
(some of it was missed as there were other channels active too)

This is the flyer that was being handed out (by paid Customer Service employees):

Sunday, March 10, 2013


So I’m really struggling to see how this is supposed to undermine the union’s credibility. Apparently TriMet thought these issues were enough of a concern to patch these areas up before the inspectors came. I mean, the above pictures show the Holladay track damage going back as far as last July and still an issue at the end of January (and yes it was like that later than the end of January, but in fairness that’s the most recent I’d been there to take a photo) – if this was just “routine maintenance” and not last minute patching, wouldn’t it have been addressed sometime in the last 8 months and not immediately prior to the inspection?
Doesn’t the fact that these areas were in disrepair for months, and that TriMet saw fit to make last minute repairs right before the inspection just serve to strengthen the union’s concern that the alignment was not properly maintained?

Au contraire.. | MAX FAQs

MBTA bus driver beaten by mob

Click Here!
(wanna be a bus driver huh?)

Boregonian editorial board support the light rail agenda (of course)

Click here for Trimet propaganda Department

Saturday, March 9, 2013



INSPECTION LEAVES A NUMBER OF SAFETY CONCERNS UNRESOLVED. TriMet has overreached in its claim that ODOT findings have vindicated the agency’s claims of system safety. Workers concerns regarding sagging doors, dangerous blind spots on new trains and a multi-block “dead zone” in the agency’s real time monitoring system apparently were not included in the inspection. When the transit workers’ union president asked ODOT for a copy of the report, he was told to file a public records document request. (clearly evidence of collusion)TriMet and the Oregonian appear to have received copies immediately. The Union is evaluating the situation and will prepare a response. 
 Transit Voice


This is the guy that keeps making me edit my posts-BLAST FROM THE PAST


Blast from the past

Top Eight Reasons People Give Up On Public Transit


Supervisory Reports

Neils Bullshit

I was pleased but not surprised today to learn the results of ODOT's recent MAX safety inspection. After 50 hours of walking track, riding trains and reviewing records, the state inspectors found "no concerns for public safety."  This morning, Shelly Lomax, Harry Saporta, and Rick Kindig met with reporters at the Rose Quarter TC to share the report with the media.

From "Max Red Line"

Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind

Tri-Met just can't catch a break. They want trains, and people just won't go along with their grand plans. So they're suing Clackamas County for holding up their outrageous dog-and-pony show. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, their long-planned extension into Clark County looks headed for the toilet, and one of their big guns may soon be facing tax evasion charges.
Portland is to Oregon as Chicago is to Illinois, with one big difference: in Illinois, corrupt politicians and their cronies occasionally go to jail.

Another bus driver doing the wrong thing

My rant on the ODOT report with Lane


WOW! In some places that behavior from a Transit Executive is not allowed. At Trimet its rewarded. How screwed up is Portland's Transit Agency?

Latest from @HowWeRoll3 Twitter

Michael Levine

Just do what must be done. This may not be happiness, but it is greatness.
(George Bernard Shaw)

Shirley Block always a good read

Don't really care much about this stuff anymore since it really only affects current employees but she always writes interesting material.


Friday, March 8, 2013

I went back to Santa Rosa this week

I also went down to the Santa Rosa Transit Mall a place where I spent a few years with quite a few good people. Didn't recognize a single soul, granted it was a really long time ago. And I felt no connection at all. Which I found a little strange. Hardly remember any of it to be honest, that's how unimpressive it was I guess. I do remember them treating me very well down there however. They tried to get me to stay but driving a bus full time for the rest of my life back then was not something I would consider. They had a great full time job there. Everybody worked a 7 hour day and got 8 hours pay. NO BURNOUT!
Now Trimet on the other hand, one of the most profound experiences of my life


All the hacks showed up except big daddy hack himself

International Bus Driver Appreciation Day is March 18th!

(Trimet is too busy trying to bust the union to bother with this)


And I have not heard things that would be called compliments


This is the guy that Mcfarlane called up in South America and said "Harry, I'll give you $3000/wk plus full benefits with golden parachute if you come back up to Oregon and do some of my dirty work. I need somebody I can trust I am pulling so much bullshit here in Oregon" Harry came.


And of course the highly paid whores and  gigolos all  making six figured salaries all came out today for a wonderful celebration of the ODOT report .
Make hay out of every opportunity folks because for all your huffing and puffing, IT'S YOUR HOUSE THAT'S GONNA GET BLOWN DOWN!


This doesn't surprise me at all.
Exactly what I expected ODOT to come up with.
This is how things work 95% of the time.
One government agency covers for the other government agency.
And in a state where cronyism is so strong like Oregon, you really didn't expect ODOT to issue any sort of criticism to Trimet did you!
Government agencies are staffed by each other. There is an 'inbreeding' that occurs in government jobs. All these bureaucrats move around between agencies. They are basically all 'related"to each other.

When was the last time you saw a government agency actually criticize another government agency.
It's a very rare event.

Additionally ATU was locked out of the inspection, only Trimet management was allowed to participate.
Evidence of collusion in my opinion.

And Trimet also had time to get its house in order.
The day the pictures went public I was told by a current operator that there was an unusual amount of work crews working on the rails.

So all in all, completely predictable report.

Portland Tribune and Community Newspapers - TriMet: No safety concerns with rail tracks
Oregon rail inspectors find no problems with MAX tracks, despite union's claims |
ODOT inspection report (PDF)
ODOT: No safety problems found with TriMet rail tracks - 


Just now at Pioneer Square


Push comes to shove between Tri-Met and Clackistanis

Well, that was quick. We're not even at the ides of March, and already Tri-Met is suing the newly elected Clackamas County commissioners for following the clearly expressed will of the majority of the county's residents. As a smart friend of ours pointed out this afternoon, the insolvent transit agency has never really had to deal with a truly uncooperative local government within its boundaries before. Now we'll likely see it at its worst: manipulative, arrogant, petulant, thuggish, and dishonest. Tri-Met richly deserves all the tsuris it is currently getting, and the bankruptcy that is just around the corner.

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
I love it when your Trimet ticket runs out five minutes before the bus would have arrived. Seriously, though, walking: underrated.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Star studded episode of Portland Transit Lane radio show

With Bruce Hansen, Adron Hall, Al Margulies, Belinda Jackson:

TriMet v. Clackamas County

TriMet news release with lawsuit and exhibits

KPAM tweet

Jospeph Rose tweet

Oregonian article

Portland Transport



TriMet recently launched their whole "Save Our Service" campaign in an effort to show people that bus service is at risk. (I deliberately left out that rail service is at risk, cause it never is):

And of course, this is just another PR stunt in order to turn people against the union. Ignoring the facts and just saying that the union contract is straining the company.

trimet supervisor gets yelled at

(this files are available via this post for a limited time))


We all know that the people that run Trimet are about as low ethically as anyone can be.
But just when I think I have seen as much unethical behavior as one can expect, they continue to out do themselves.

Can a  tax funded agency use its prestige, power and resources  to blatantly push for political purposes such as the slugs at Trimet are doing?

They are using tax payer funds to push their anti union agenda at the state house and now actually recruiting members of the public to support their cause. ALL WITH TAX PAYER TRANSIT FUNDS!

So Trimet keeps morphing from one entity to another.
Starting as a Transit agency, into a planning and development agency, now into a lobbying agency.

It's absolutely incredible.
I used to work in the democratic party years ago in greater Boston. I saw plenty of blatant corruption there but I've got to tell you the corruption in Portland is every bit as bad. They just camouflage it here with phony  "green"  and "light rail mecca" hype.

And to make matters even worse they continue spreading lies and distortions via their bully pulpit:

Inside the agency, we made cuts to non-union employee and retiree benefits, eliminated 200 positions, and implemented executive furloughs and a non-union salary freeze for nearly four years.

The above highlighted text is a BALD FACED LIE!

All union members must organize to be at these hearings as ANTI TRIMET FACISM speakers.
We must address the state house members and expose Trimet misdeeds and counter the Trimet lies! This is the Waterloo, this is the last battle, fight now or forever hold your peace.


TriMet top 50 salaried employees got an avg. salary increase is 6.8 percent. How much of this is from cutting wages and benefits from employees along with service cuts?

So the next question is what kind of retirement packages does the top 50 salaried get? If Fred Hansen gets $16,000 a month and Bob Nelson's monthly retirement is $4,003, how much is this costing TriMet?

Monday, March 4, 2013


Visit for the latest updates

And everything I take from them can be used  raises for me and my troop of six figured ass kissers! 


Until I get back from California unless  other authors post to it
I will be flying the de havilland dash 8 turboprop


There is no fire like passion, there is no shark like hatred, there is no snare like folly, there is no torrent like greed. - Siddhartha Gautama

WHERE'S HARRY (supporta)?

While Mcfarlane whines and moans about our $25 million in health care

Which could end up being $200 million in 25 years, our beloved government is wasting ten's of millions and making people rich at CRC.
And the people continue being fooled by the never ending propaganda thrown at them.


The March Board of Directors Board Briefing Meeting is Wednesday, March 13, 2013, 9 a.m. at TriMet's Administrative Office, 1800 SW 1st Ave., Level P2, Portland, OR 97201.

The March Board of Directors Board Meeting is Wednesday, March 27, 2013, 9 a.m. at Washington St. Conference Center, 102 SW Washington St., Hillsboro, OR 97123.

Lanes 3rd radio show



One minute cut everything by 70% the next minute service enhancement

Trimet tells so many lies you just don't know which lie is closest to the truth!
TriMet: Westside Service Enhancement Plan

Fighting Back by Informing the Public

I like the new ads running in various neighborhood newspapers,including this one in the Mercury.That is Mr.
  Fulton Thompson in the middle photo.

Breaking down the economics of bus vs MAX

Portland Transport


Light Rail, Bicycles, Global Warming
Hot Waters

Sunday, March 3, 2013


The short answer is no, he gives no information about this agenda item. He talks and says nothing (by the way the resolution passed unanimously


I'm going over the Trimet board meeting and all of a sudden Dr Bethel not only wakes up but seems to have complete command of an agenda item. And he has all the facts surrounding the issue. I've never seen him do this before. If we could bet on the outcome of these sorts of events I would put my money on the original contractor ending up getting the contract anyway. I've never seen a 'no' to a Trimet executive proposal but this exchange is rather interesting. (Mcfarlane gets confused at the beginning of this clip and the head guy at maintenance doesn't seem to get the question)

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
One thing I have learned while in Seattle -- Seattle bus drivers don't mess around. Trimet, you could use some pointers.



'MAD MAX' MCFARLANE from al m on Vimeo.



I did some code enforcement on the yellow line prior to the game; I have never seen so many of the TVM’s and validators down at one time. I was next to impossible for anyone on the yellow line to be able to have their fare.




Notice how little information is available now. Back when this started they would tell you everything about the incident including EXACTLY what they did about it, if anything. Now they just say 'completed' or 'under review'. I suppose as always seems to be the case they want that information hidden from the public.

Bus stop glowing?

If you drive or ride the 10 or 14 or happen to pass by the busy stop at SW Main and 6th —  adjacent to the Transit Mall, you may notice something new atop a blue bus stop pole. A solar powered lantern has been installed that provides a “cool” glow during evening hours, illuminating the stop for lines 10 and 14. There was no cost to TriMet for this demo unit that was produced by the vendor that provides TriMet’s solar LED shelter lights. The trial period will last at least six months.

TriMet Survey: 94-Pacific Hwy/Sherwood


Yes, TriMet does have artistic bus shelters

Saturday, March 2, 2013

This is my one year anniversary

Tomorrow is my 1 year anniversary away from totalitarianism and back into relative freedom.
It was one year ago today that I stopped working at Trimet.

Portland Transit Lane

Trimet internal newspaper
Portland Transit Lane Episode 3



Recently Mcfarlane handed raises to all his top executives. These are all people making six figure salaries already. And he continues hiring even more executives to expand his little kingdom of ass kissers.

See Trimet operates on the corporate model, take from the workers so you can give more to yourself.
I as a retiree have lost 25% of my retirement and if I actually get sick now an additional $3000 will come out of what's left, about $750/mo.


There is a small debate on twitter going on about protocol at board meetings. All the power brokers that run these meetings insist that you follow their agenda's. And above all you must 'behave' at these meetings. Even when the policy makers are killing you one is expected to 'behave'. Behaving did not stop the Vietnam War. Behaving didn't end segregation. Behaving did not drive the British out of India. Behaving does not influence history. It supports the status quo. It's how you lose to powerful people, 'keeping in your place.'
Cameron Johnson in this clip refuses to be ignored. Anybody who has been watching these board meetings knows that public testimony is routinely ignored. Cameron refuses to submit to the status quo. This is how change happens

Stacy&Witbeck already rolling in $ about to make more

Talk about conflict of interest! Incredible what goes on with all that boondoggle MLR stuff. And before our eyes, we can see the Republican point of view. There is so much pork coming out of Washington getting into the hands of the insiders people have to be pissed off! Talk about 'insider trading'
Stacy and Witbeck donated $25,000 to Hales' mayoral campaign, equal to his largest cash contribution. Company executives also gave him more than $8,000, according to campaign filings, with Bollier giving $6,600.
Hales said the contributions in no way prompted him to accelerate planning. In fact, he said, he thinks the new zoning should have been in place before construction on the MAX line began. He added: "In a free economy, people are free to exploit their opportunities."

Stacy and Witbeck building Portland-to-Milwaukie MAX line, buying prime property along route for future office redevelopment |


Ah yes, the never ending claims of thousands of jobs being created. Well if your into construction I guess you have a chance to get one of those jobs, I sure don't know too many people into construction. And they are all temporary jobs of course. But I am very suspicious of that claim. Are these jobs that have gone to the unemployed or jobs that have gone to already employed folks.
So on one hand he threatens to cut 70% of service if the union does not immediately capitulate to his claims of austerity, and then he claims thousands of jobs created. I wonder how much these people are being paid? What kind of health care are they getting? MLR=GOOD. BUS DRIVERS/RETIREES=BAD

Mcfarlane getting ready to break all Trimet smokers from smoking

He will reform the Trimet workers who smoke? Ya sure. The cost to ones personal freedom in order to be employed by Trimet keeps going up

Lift representative questions Trimet priorities

Woodlawn activist makes dynamic demonstration to the board

Keith Shultz of OPAL at the board meeting

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Let's play how many people can fit on one trimet bus.. I'm pretty sure we are hitting around 60 or 70.. I'm not even joking.

You know this will be a freaking nightmare

Given the never ending problems with Trimet TVM's I am sure the public will be in for some excitement with their new "transfer printers". I can just see it now, five dollars in for a day pass, AND NOTHING OUT! Whoa this looks scary given Trimet's miserable TVM history.

 Sneak peek: ticket printers on buses coming this summer

Lane Jensen show episode 2

There are a few crank calls that are quite humorous. Lane has a tendency to bring out the 'best' in people! And as his popularity increases people will get meaner and meaner. Fun to watch.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Alex Hawk at the 94 hearing

Alex is 19 by the way, incredibly good speaker

When values become buzzwords

TriMet’s response? Spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt issued a statement that MAX is perfectly safe and these safety concerns are just an attempt to discredit TriMet and draw attention away from the contract negotiations of the union’s excessive healthcare benefits.
How dare you, Roberta? Is it really the hallmark of an organization that values safety like TriMet claims to dismiss broken track and equipment problems as “attempts to discredit TriMet?” I don’t even want to dignify your jab at the union with a response.

Read the latest excellent MAX FAQ's editorial HERE!

Trimet whore Roberta Aldstedt

How much is her salary? For just talking to media?
For its part, TriMet has dismissed the ATU's allegations, saying the union has "created false claims about the safety of the MAX system."
"These claims are absolutely not true," said TriMet spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt. "This is all part of the ATU leadership's $600,000 public relations smear campaign to divert attention away from the need to bring union health care costs under control and reform the contract."
(What a bunch of baloney. Trimet has spent far more than $600,000 on spreading their anti union message)

If you missed the public hearing on the route 94

Listen to it now!

The Techniques Of Union Busting

CLICK HERE learn about TRIMET techniques

"Vibrant" alert! Speed bumps coming to Barbur.

This guy Bogdanski really gets it, he is on the ball. His blog is must reading for people interested in Portland politics (Jack Bog's Blog)

Did you know that Lane Jensen has his own on line radio show

That's right, Lane Jensen has his own radio show at 10pm weekdays.
I think  he's pretty good at radio after tuning in to his show.
Lane does like to talk so this is a prefect medium for him.
Lane gets an awful amount of criticism from various people but from where I sit Lane Jensen has livened up the Trimet blog scene like nobody else.
He takes the topic seriously and so far has done an excellent job IMO!
Listen to his radio show weekdays at 10pm HERE! Episode 1 follows

My comment on the Joe Rose story

Comment on Oregon rail inspectors scrutinize MAX tracks after union circulates photos -

Trimet director Stovall says Mcfarlane has a 'bad rap'

I skipped the board meeting on Wednesday, basically because going every month diminishes the message.
And I also missed the lunch with Director Stovall.
To his credit he followed through on the lunch deal but Lane informed me that Travis thinks Mcfarlane 'has a bad rap'. Lucky I wasn't there to hear that baloney. That would have put me into fighting mode.
That's a crazy statement to make because what does he know about it?
I worked under Mcfarlanes rule for several years before saying 'I'm outtahere'.
There was a huge difference in the work environment under Fred vs Mcfarlane.
Mcfarlane can hand out raises and add executives at bloated salaries while asking union employees to commit HARI KARI?
And the template excuse is union employees represent 83% of the workforce.
As somehow that justifies waste in non union employees?
I don't think so!
Stovall has used the phrase 'turn the ship around'.
Where did we hear that before, STEVE BANTA, an executive that I admired while he worked at Trimet.
I think Travis may be misinformed
Read about Stovall HERE!


Now they want to completely end service on Evergreen and Basline? WTF?
I understand that the pin heads at Trimet have to justify their jobs and all, but to continually screw the public in order to justify their employment is unconscionable. This change is ridiculous because it duplicates the 67
I also have been informed since Willow Creek only accommodates 2 bus lines that it has become virtually abandoned. Nothing like eliminating transit hubs right?
How much more damage will be inflicted on the riders stuck with Trimet as their only source of transportation.
One thing Trimet has been successful at is getting people back into their cars.
What a shame.

Well well well, a coincidence?

Now Seattle Metro is threatening a 70% cut , I find that fascinating

A reader writes

6267, bus 1759. Horn randomly going off. That's probably not a safety issue as per Harry Sapporta. 

Thursday, February 28, 2013


The KOIN story which followed up on Bruce Hansen's allegations has brought ODOT into the scene.
The interesting thing about this is a report I got today from a Trimet bus driver.
She said to me "i have never seen so many people working on MAX lines in my entire career at Trimet"
Sounds like someone tipped them off and they are frantically trying to cover up the evidence!

Lane Jensen discusses his meeting with Trimet director Stovall

Bus vs car

I really like Bruce Hansen

Bruce aint much to look at, and he is not the best public speaker, but what he does do is shatter the image of 'union boss'. He's completely believable and could be anyone's pal. As far as I am concerned Bruce has done everything right. He sends out press releases, he is not scared to be on camera, he's engaging the press! Keep up the good work Bruce!

Harry Sapporta is a lying piece of shit

No surprise of course. All the managers lie in order to facilitate their agenda. The 'expert' said right out that Trimet is UNSAFE, Sapporta in the best tradition of overpaid executives lies with a straight face

Portland Transit Lane

Line 94 Feedback
Oh Wow! Transit Day my ASS
Drivers! I Am Your New Friend
February Board Meeting Testimony (Lanes camera angle)
Quick Fix at Clackamas TC, Not at Sunset TC?
Frequent Service?
@pdxstreetcar FAIL!


Letter: Promises overshadowed by crime | The Columbian

Sock puppets on cable access

Brought to you by JASON MCHUFF, if you want to 'hear' the board meetings you can request audio from Trimet, for a fee of course. Trimet=obsessed with secrecy.

The following 5 dates are scheduled for the program "Trimet Board
Meetings February Board Meetings 2.0", Project: Trimet Board Meetings,
starting 2/28/2013.

Sunday 3/10/2013, 6:00 PM, Channel 23

Thursday 3/14/2013, 3:28 PM, Channel 23

Monday 3/18/2013, 10:00 PM, Channel 11

Thursday 3/21/2013, 4:00 PM, Channel 22

Monday 3/25/2013, 3:29 PM, Channel 22

Portland's Off-Track; What A Surprise!


Rest in peace Michael Levine

One minute I am sharing drinks with him the next minute hes gone. Good pal, tremendous activist, there is nobody to fill his shoes.

Michael leaves THESE words of wisdom. (just one of the many great presentations he has made)