Saturday, February 16, 2013

supervisory reports

Ck this out

Never spare any expense when it comes to this sort of thing:


This is wrong of course (why would the idiots in charge get anything right!) I've lost $188 a month off my puny pension of $948/mo. Mcfarlane is literally starving me out! The man has no ethics and no scruples.

Q: With the negotiations between TriMet and the ATU at a"standstill" - how much is this costing me, a union employee?

A: Good question, as this affects roughly 2,000 TriMet employees. With the expired contract, TriMet is no longer paying wage increases and has passed along the increase in health care costs until the contract is settled. The next wage increase was to take effect on Saturday, Dec. 1, 2012.  Union members are now paying the health care cost increases, which averaged 9.25% for Regence and 6.25% for Kaiser. This means that union members are paying more per month for their health care than non-union employees who pay 6 percent of premium costs. TriMet has proposed in the new contract that union employees pay 6% of the premium cost.  So, in essence, until the contract is settled, a union employee is paying more now than what is being proposed under the new contract. To put that in real dollars, if delays continue beyond June 2013, it would mean the economic impact for a typical 15-year bus operator with Regence family coverage will be around $94.20 in lost monthly wages and pay $37.12 more a month in healthcare costs. That’s roughly $131 a month.  And, on a side note, TriMet also has proposed a contract term that is prospective, meaning no retroactive wage adjustments or reimbursement of premiums will be paid. Question? Just Ask! Contact us at

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Funny version of the max running with doors open
Line 51 Crash


I'm past speechless with the executives in charge of this agency at this point.
Mcfarlane runs amok and nobody cares.
He has been handing out lucrative contracts to all of his cronies from the past starting with Sapporta and ending with Bob Nelson.
He is not interviewing or searching for candidates, he is 'paying off' people that he knows.
And he is getting away doing it all  with impunity.
Bob Nelson already getting a nice fat $4k a month from Trimet but now Mcfarlane wants to hand him some more cold hard cash?
What's going on here? How is it that this man can get away with everything he has done?
Mcfarlane is a criminal, not a general manager.
Mcfarlane needs to be indicted for misuse of public funds


Al, what you are missing in this post is "total compensation" (non-union side), which means pension and benefits, like medical. This list does not state this, so the total cost of said retirees are ALOT HIGHER!
This is a somewhat surprising list! 
There are actually two bus operators on this list? 
How is that possible? 
$75 for each year after 10, so 30 years would be $2,250, so 40 years would be $3000, so how the hell does a bus operator get $4,000 a month?
Why does a lists of 11 names qualify for a fee of  $91.00?
What a freaking rip off!