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This classic Trimet film is approaching 45,000 views




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A garbled human exclamation pierces the train behind me, loud enough to make me jump.  A moment later, it happens again.  It is unhappy.  The sound repeats and repeats. It is like coughing and talking at the same time, and doing both badly.  I turn to see.  The vocalizations are coming from a person in a wheelchair.  I can only see the back of his balding head.  No one is acknowledging him.

Tourette's maybe?  Choking?

As the man continues in this way, I get up and walk to a seat past him from where I can see if he actually needs help.  He is wearing only light clothes, though the temperature is close to freezing.  The clothes are old and dirty.  He is shivering violently and coughing.  He is a portrait of misery.

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It's the same fight, with the same leadership. Do the unions really represent the workers?

Supervisory reports

Damaged bus after hitting tree

Propaganda line

What's happening and why so many angry abusive operators

There is an actual psychological syndrome called 'anger displacement' that I believe is happening to many Trimet operators. Operators are being abused constantly at work by the Trimet management so they are 'displacing' their anger towards riders. 
I remember myself having come from an abusive meeting with Trimet managers on more than one occasion and being sent to drive a bus and how hard it was to keep my anger off the poor riders who have nothing to do with any of the management actions. Believe me it wasn't easy. A less conscious person would probably never know they were doing it.

Displaced anger is anger that has been routed away from healthy expression through a coping mechanism. In most cases, displacement is the process of moving anger away from the actual target onto a target the mind feels may be safer. This person who bears the brunt of displaced anger may have no idea what happened to cause the anger, thus damaging his or her relationship with the angry person. Anger of this type is also problematic because it does not allow for resolution of the anger itself, and the effects of anger can build up over time.

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An old rider and pal of mine writes

STORY-TIME ON YOUR PROFILE AL!! So, I wanna share a story with you, to get it OUT there. Number one, I've called Trimet TWICE now, on Friday, to complain about this guy but I want to post it here too, to make sure the story gets out there. So, Friday morning, two days ago, my partner Don and I are on the # 58 heading to town. Bus ID number 1817, as I recall, and the driver is this Asian dude who is, I believe, Korean American, he's tall, heavy set, about 6 feet or taller, over 200 pounds, in his late 50's with black, receding, dyed hair and glasses.

Nothing like this in the Trimet transit district

Sound Transit is seeking Eastside volunteers for its Citizen Oversight Panel. The 15-member group independently monitors Sound Transit to make sure it meets its commitments to build and operate a regional bus, light rail and commuter rail transit system.
The group meets twice monthly during normal business hours with the task of digging into agency details, asking hard questions and reporting its findings to the Sound Transit Board of Directors.

Sound Transit seeks volunteers for oversight panel - Bellevue Reporter

Never see the arrogant Trimet executives doing this sort of thing

NJ Transit held a “We Are Listening” forum at the Hoboken Terminal, where a dozen top agency executives sat at tables on the station concourse in front of the waiting room to listen to the concerns of commuters and hand out informational pamphlets.

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Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Well is definitely a valentine's day killer. Thanks for the crappy yellow line service.

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