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Blogger Bogdanski sues Portland

One of my all time favorite Bloggers Jack Bogdanski
Jack Bogdanski Sues City of Portland Over Arts Tax

One of the better Trimet drivers got this today

Look at this pork

They have 3 people doing this job, how absurd:
Human Rescources Business Partner Labor Relations & Human Relations – Administration & Business Partnering $105,180
Human Rescources Business Partner Labor Relations & Human Relations – Administration & Business Partnering $105,180
Human Rescources Business Partner Labor Relations & Human Relations – Administration & Business Partnering $105,180

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
As I've said before , you really need to reevaluate line 4. It leaves people b/c it's 10 mins late and too full, that's not cool.

Trimet executives getting rich going to meetings and pretending they are important

The Money Pit Gets Bigger

Never a dull moment with Lane around

Lane Jensen submits public records request

I am interested in: Obtaining records

Requested records:
All non-union people on payroll who received a salary of $100,000 or greater for Calendar Year 2012

Look at Trimet's response 


Then why the hell are they not employing REAL LIVE people instead! They could use real people with real benefits for less than it costs for those unreliable machines! Another Trimet cluster fuck.



The window is card-boarded up secured by duct tape

Blinds and heater broken no back for toilet

Bathroom for employees, you think Mcfarlane would put up with this?

MAX DOOR IS SMASHED (no service alert was issued)

The Real Reason Behind the TriMet Fare Increases-ATU 757

An internal TriMet document indicates that the elimination of zones pricing and fareless square, as well as last year’s fare increases, were undertaken in order to fund and accommodate a $16 million high-tech fare collection system, says transit workers’ union president, Bruce Hansen. He cites evidence found within the pages of a 64-page document obtained by the Union from an anonymous source.

“TriMet has been telling the media and the public that financial problems and worker health insurance were the reasons riders have seen fares rise and services drop,” Hansen noted. “Now we find that, in 2011, management decided to invest in a new, multi-million dollar electronic fare system. That proposed system required them to raise fares overall, drop reduced fares tied to distance traveled (the “zone” system) and eliminate fareless square. They laid out the plan in 2011 and they followed it . . .in fact, they implemented it early.”  

According to the Union, the document and the proposed purchase raise a number of serious public policy issues. These are:

• If the system is in such financial straits, why does management continue to invest in “bells and whistles” electronic gadgetry that it admits will cost them more to run? Is $16 million a sound public investment during a time when the agency is claiming financial crisis? Especially when history has shown that electronic ticket machines have high failure rates–even when they are brand new?

• TriMet has been experiencing a flat ridership rate for years. Should the cost of a ride keep going up just so TriMet can buy more things and build more rail? Research has shown that, as the fares go up, ridership rates typically drop–particularly during times of economic distress.

During the interest arbitration hearing with the Union, TriMet’s general manager testified under oath that, among other things, the cost of operator health care and pensions had required a fare increase and service reductions. Now it turns out that these changes were planned in 2011 and were all about acquiring enough money to purchase and accommodate new electronic gadgets. Is it acceptable for a public agency to mislead the public, the workers and the courts in this way?

“TriMet’s recent fare changes, coupled with reduction of service, have created a crisis situation for many of our passengers–especially the low income, disabled and elderly,” says Hansen. “Operators are reporting that the two-hour window for transfers no longer works. More and more of our riders are missing their connections. A three-hour window needs to be instituted immediately. People need to understand that, when our riders are stressed, it creates equal stress on the workers who interact with them. That’s because the operators want to help people solve these serious problems but their hands are tied. And, as is human nature, rider frustration targets the operators for decisions over which the operators have no control.”

Hansen made the following observation. “It seems that the primary goal of a transit agency has been lost amid all this capital expansion and technology purchases. We are supposed to be providing good, dependable and affordable service to the community–so good, that they want to use the system. Instead, the cost of having to pay for all these expenditures is making our riders’ lives harder and driving them away. Who decided that our transit system had to be the most new-fangled one in the country? Shouldn’t our primary focus be the passengers and the good of the community?”

(make sure you read the comments)

Attached: Excerpt of Fare System Migration report; Excerpt of testimony under oath
Full report available from the link below. You will need to cut and paste into your browser: 

Seen on a Trimet bus

Attaining Unconscious Competence in bus driving

Do you have operators who deny risky driving behaviors even after something has been clearly observed by a Supervisor? Quite often the operator can quote the proper procedure and actually believes they adhered to such guidance - when in reality they haven't. This is known as "Unconscious Incompetence". The individual doesn't even recognize they are doing anything wrong

Vigil Solutions


PORTLAND TRANSPORTS latest post, to which I responded:

TriMet is putting about $300K into this program,
Now ya knew I was gonna bring this up right?

That's only 1/3 of the executive pay raises!
That's insulting as far as I am concerned.

The oligarchy reigns supreme....

Bus driving a hazardous occupation

And that piece of shit in charge of Trimet thinks we should roll over and give up our decent health care benefit! FUCK YOU!
Police: Man punches CTA bus driver in Chatham -




Sunday, March 17, 2013

What would you do if you were a bus driver

Passenger Problems of a Los Angeles RTD Bus Driver (1970-80s) - YouTube

Lower transit fares

Not at the oligarchy but it does HAPPEN


You still have time to join the lawsuit over wage violations regarding road relief pay. 
Get the info HERE!

Seen on MAX

The biggest piece of PORK PIE is of course-MILWAUKIE LIGHT RAIL

Lots of folks will walk away rich on this! Don't just look at the highlighted sections, look at ALL OF THIS BOONDOGGLE
Oligarchs in complete control of Trimet these days


Recession? Budget problems? 
That only is true for the 'little people' of Trimet. 
The union workers and the riders are the only ones who 'give back' anything when it comes to Trimet.
Take a good look at the  post at Portland Transit Lane which will give you a very clear picture of just how much pork Trimet really does support with our tax dollars.
Don't just look at the highlighted areas either, take a good look at the whole thing.
Just add up all the 'travel' budgets.
 Just 1/2 of that pork moved back to operations would restore all the service cuts

 This is the kind of thing that gets republicans elected. Of course once they are elected some of this pork may goe away but  public gets hurt the most. But most citizens don't connect the dots, all they see is waste, fraud, and arrogance and what party plays to that? The Republicans.  Waste in government is not some made up fantasy, you see it right here at the poster child of government waste->TRIMET


"Deputy" general Manager $195,000!
Mcfarlane crony Bob Nelson will be wearing this badge

Friday, March 15, 2013


LANE JENSEN and ALEX HAWK  had a meeting tonight with KOIN TV'S Jeff Gianola tonight! Stay tuned!


liar gif photo: liar liar liar_liar.gif
I'm comparing the executive wages in 2009 to the wages in 2013.
What the two lists show is that most of the executives had gotten a raise IN BETWEEN  this last raise even though Mcfarlane had claimed there had been no raises for four years!
They had to change their rhetoric from four years to three and a half years because they got caught lying about the raises they hid for themselves in the 'contingency' budget.

Mcfarlane has lost any credibility that he had left. As far as I was concerned he lost his complete creditability a long time ago but this recent scandal cannot be ignored.

If the PORTLAND TRANSPORT post is accurate Mcfarlane is guilty of downright fraud.

Mcfarlane has  miscalculated in many ways. 
He  might have the mainstream media under his thumb but everyone knows that bloggers have now taken over the role of investigative journalism.

The ruling class is getting away with murder against the citizens. We have the best example of this right here at Trimet  in our faces. Can we stop this outrage? So far they continue to hold all the cards and  spit in our faces with their arrogance as witnessed by the recent board members gloating that the executives were given raises. 

“I'm not upset that you lied to me, I'm upset that from now on I can't believe you.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

Of course... Previous bus denied my pass, then this one crashes into a car. Loud kids everywhere...

Stovall maybe can think outside the box, maybe?

2009 and 2013 biggest money earners at Trimet

What we can see from these two lists is that every single one of the people that was here in 2009 has gotten raises or promotions till now. And when you compare the current salary to the last raise you see that there was ANOTHER raise in between! There has never been a wage freeze for the executive class at Trimet. MORE LIES! Top chart from 2009 bottom two are current

Listen to Mcfarlanes stooge on the budget committe read her script


They have the nerve to whine that they are paying for their health care. Shit if everybody were making six figure salaries nobody would be fighting now.
I worked at Trimet for 15 years and never made more than $35k so the concept that everyone that works there is getting high pay is false. This is from their internal site:

Q: With the TriMet budget crisis, why did non-union administrative staff get raises?
A: Administrative employees, except those who received promotions,(the union talked about that. This is how many executives got around the so called 'freeze.) had not seen any increase in their pay for 3.5 years. (they had been claiming 4, now all of a sudden its 3 1/2)In fact, their paychecks had gone down,(haha, like ours you mean? I've lost 25% of my pension and these a-holes are whining?) because they have been paying a larger portion of their health care premiums. The non-union salary freeze was lifted in the middle of 2012 for our 420 administrative staff. This decision cost less than 1/5th of 1% of our $473 million annual operating budget and the average increase was 3% per employee. (this excuse for wasting money is nonsensical. The idea that just because its a small part of the overall budget that means its ok is laughable) This is the same increase union employees were receiving at the time. There are a lot of decisions that go into building the TriMet budget. Last year’s decision about admin salaries should have made more clear and will be in the upcoming budget process.(they tried to hide the salary increases and they took them out of the emergency contingency budget which is appalling. Plus there are ethics questions now about the so called actual budget document)

Notice of Budget Committee Meeting

Public Meeting Notice

Mcfarlane says no new service


Click Here!

Why I used to like being a bus driver


Does this look safe to you?

Another bus driver spit on

tpdnews: Help us ID subject

Streetcar is still free apparently

Lane goes on Lars

Trimet general manager a true oligarch

Just take a look at the various extra expenses the general manager eats up

-$10,000 in office supplies? That's a lot of pens!
-$15,000 in dues and subscriptions? How many magazines is he subscribing too?
-$4,700 in local travel and meetings? WTF? He's not taking Trimet to meetings around here?
-$30,000 in meeting expenses? I'd love to see the receipts for this.
-$2000 in 'board recognition'? They eliminated all expenses for employee recognition, they used to have a yearly banquet


Oregon Employment Relations Board Denies TriMet’s Motion to Stay the Board Order

The transit workers’ union president, Bruce Hansen announced that the Oregon Employment Relations Board today denied TriMet's Motion to Stay the Board's order in UP 39-10. This case addressed health insurance charges to employees in 2011. The decision means that TriMet must post notices of its illegal actions and reimburse members for health insurance premium contributions and medical expenses while TriMet’s appeal is pending. “It is important to remember that the overwhelming evidence in this case proved that TriMet decided to charge employees more for health insurance for the wrong reason. It was not to save money. Instead, the evidence showed it was to punish the workers because their union filed a complaint charging TriMet with negotiating in bad faith.” Hansen said. “The problem is that our justice system suffers when one party to a dispute has the power to punish the people who are objecting to law violations and mistreatment. That is the issue the Board addressed, and correctly, I might add.”


Our Oligarch in chief enjoys eating apparently.
He has a budget of $25,235 for 'awards and banquets'
(page 60 fy 2013 budget)


Our Oligarch in chief spent $18,927 on out of town travel!
(page 60 fy 2013)


Some employees think this is what Mcfarlane wants

 Mcfarlane the destroyer wants to end arbitration so he can lock out and fire all the 'undesirable' employees that stand up for themselves.

The last straw for these Arlington Transit (ART) drivers, the action that sent them to the picket line, was the firing of their leader for wearing a union button to work.

Their strike began in the early hours of the morning and by the afternoon they found themselves without jobs. Thirty-five people in total were fired. Forsythe said that the bus drivers had violated their contract which prevented them from striking unless it was a matter of the company violating an arbitration agreement.

Bus drivers fed up, locked out, then fired » peoplesworld


But those numbers may not mean more opportunities citywide. For instance, TriMet had its own intern program that it cut for budget reasons, leaving it unclear how many new internships directly resulted from Portland's push. The switch will save TriMet nearly $55,000, spokeswoman Mary Fetsch said. (absurdity at trimet continues non stop)

SummerWorks intern program spared by Portland Mayor Charlie Hales |

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Haven't seen an acid report for awhile

Trimet – Accident Reports | Portland Transit Lane


What's going on under his watch is completely astonishing!
Trimet is losing ridership bucking the national trend.
He has sent Fare Nazi's to terrorize the riders who can't buy fares because the machines don't work.
He has blamed the employees for all the bad that has happened due to management incompetence.
He has used public funds to reward all his pals by giving them high paying jobs.
He has made Trimet into one of the most expensive transit districts in the country.
His list of misdeeds is a mile long.
His board of directors is complicit in his misdeeds.
The arrogance of these people is shocking. They have blatantly told the public they don't care about them.
With the latest revelation of stealing money from the contingency budget to hand out raises he has now crossed the line into fraudulent activity.
All the latest stories are available here: Mcfarlane dragging down Trimet into oblivion

Never a dull moment with Lane around


As you can see, Trimet really appreciates its drivers

My ethics complaint against Mcfarlane

Olga Kozinskiy on a Trimet twitter rant

MAX FAQ's exposes Trimet lies and cronyism

"here's your sign"
This is one of the best examples of investigative journalism on the subject of Trimet I have ever seen.
The author has taken all the various instances of Trimet excessiveness  and tied them together!

So former director of operations Bob Nelson (currently receiving a pension of about $48k/year from TriMet; had left the agency in 2007 making just shy of $160k/year) is coming back as “Interim Deputy General Manager” and I’m sorry, all I can think of when I hear that is this:
But wait, it gets better. The purpose of his job will be to assess the position of Deputy General Manager and determine if it should be permanent. Man, I wish someone would give me a 6-figure salary, and then at the end of a year ask me if they should keep paying me that (on top of the pension I’m getting that’s already more than many people make in a year). Do we really think he’s going to say, “No, this isn’t the best use of TriMet’s resources”? Anyone who would say that, well, here’s your sign.

Read this excellent article at MAX FAQs

Faced with broken ticket machines, TriMet stares blankly, drools a little

Once again, TriMet takes an inane problem and manages to make it a real issue. Thanks, mom.

Faced with broken ticket machines, TriMet stares blankly, drools a little | Stories | Portland Pulp

Privitization Fail

Private Contractors May Not Be the Answer to Public Transportation Cuts | Transportation Nation

Public abandoning MAX!

MAX weekday trips saw the sharpest decline, dropping 11 percent this winter over last.
(that's a huge drop and what happens when you send fare nazi's after your riders who can't buy fares because the machines are so unreliable)

TriMet weekly ridership down 3.4 percent this winter over last |

OPAL finally disgusted with this managment?

Bus riders want honest, truthful discourse and equitable decision-making from the TriMet board. Transparency is something we've been talking about time and time again. Bus Riders Unite says the time is now to restore value to our transit system and to engage riders meaningfully in decision-making, because clearly the status quo is not working.


Nor was it acceptable finance/budgeting practice, by any standard. The adopted 2013 budget states rather clearly, on page 59, that the general manager's salary was budgeted to be $215,837. As it turns out, Neil's salary was actually $221,450. As this was negotiated well in advance of last summer, the discrepancy was known at the time the budget was adopted. In other words, the adopted budget contained knowingly false information.
Portland Transport Here!

Next year's draft budget, Raisegate, and more

Portland Transport is the transit blog for this area. The most intelligent discussion of transit issues happen on this blog. The moderators are very active in the discussions which keep the blog successful. True I have had my share of problems over there over the years but it remains probably my favorite blog in the Portland area. (followed closely by Bojack)

Today, TriMet released a draft budget for Fiscal Year 2014 (which runs from July 1 of this year to June 30, 2014). The agency wants everyone to know that this year's budget doesn't contain the unpleasant news that was in last year's (no service cuts and fare hikes), albeit with the usual asterisk (a favorable deal against ATU Local 757). Ignoring the continual haranguing of the union (it's getting tiring, guys... really), this draft budget is good news.
Of course, TriMet's day in the sun was rather thoroughly undermined by the revelation early this week that it secretly gave raises to a whole bunch of management personnel last year--while pleading poverty--and tried to bury the matter in its contingency fund.

Read the entire essay  HERE!



These lying thieves steal money out of the public coffers after ruining peoples lives and then they "apologize".
Not gonna give the money back?
You have the nerve to apologize?
WOW brothers and sisters, just WOW.


Petition | TriMet - Tri County Metropolitan District of Oregon: Fire The Current Board Members and Start With a New Elected Board |



TIGARD -- A 20-year-old man laid down on TriMet's WES commuter line tracks this morning and was killed by a northbound train, Tigard police said.
The man was not identified by police. The incident occurred about two blocks from transit center. WES service is suspended this morning.
A shuttle will operate between Wilsonville and the Beaverton Transit Center.


VOCAL : Voice of Catholics Advocating Life: Pope on a Bus.....Tri-Met for Oregon Priests and Seminarians?


That's the only thing the slugs in charge of our transit agency are good at. 
Spinning stories and making up stuff.
Take the headline from this last press release:

TriMet releases FY14 budget that includes good news for riders – new buses plus no service cuts or fare increases

Obviously they would not dare cut service or raise fares after this latest scandal involving their 'secret' pay raises.

Oh and they just happened to find an additional $28 million too! 
But of course if they lose anything to the union the sky will fall again.
Let me qualify that, the sky will fall for riders, the sky has not fallen even once for the oligarchs in charge of Trimess.   

TriMet releases FY14 budget that includes good news for riders – new buses plus no service cuts or fare increases | TriMet Media 

How to spot when Mcfarlane and the board of lap dogs lie to us

Can You Spot These Signs That Your Boss Is Lying?

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Streetcar fail

Streetcar Only Collecting Half of Its Projected Fares

Mcfarlanes boring budget presentation


Memo to Neil and Tiffany: Resign

Here's a pair to draw to:
Addressing an investigation by The Oregonian, which showed the TriMet boss quietly tapped into a rainy day fund to give $910,000 in pay raises for executives and non-union managers, McFarlane conceded, "We didn’t do a very good job" with transparency. "My apologies for that," he said during the meeting at TriMet's new downtown Portland headquarters. "We have to do better, and we will."
In response, TriMet’s board of directors admitted knowing about McFarlane’s plans for the phantom pay raises, ending a 3½-year pay freeze for non-union workers, even as the agency prepared to cut service and raise fares in a tough economy.
Board member Tiffany Sweitzer said the raises were brought up in "internal budget discussions" last spring. She conceded that TriMet leaders and the board should have done a better job of letting the public know about the pay adjustments.
"It’s a lesson we need to follow through," Sweitzer said.
The only "follow through" that's needed here is new leadership for the hopelessly insolvent Tri-Met. McFarlane, Sweitzer (Homer Williams's stepdaughter), the Pamplin guy, Warner, and the rest of the face cards, top to bottom, need to move on.
Today's touching confessions took place "in Tri-Met's new downtown Portland headquarters" -- rented from Legend Dan Saltzman, of course. And just up the street from some serious devastation caused by the Mystery Train to Milwaukie. "Sorry" is the right word for the whole scene.
Memo to Neil and Tiffany: Resign (Jack Bog's Blog)

The complete board of Mcfarlane lap dogs meeting today

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Trimet ticket machine fiasco

More MAX riders tell KATU News they're being unfairly ticketed because it's impossible to buy a ticket at some stops.
But ticket officers have no sympathy.
Causing all the fuss is the ticket machines that sometimes don't work. So folks get on the trains anyway thinking they have a good reason for having no ticket.

TriMet pay raises: Board members knew about hidden increases for execs, say more transparency needed

The way that throw that word 'transparency' around is hilarious! Especially since there is absolutely no transparency at Trimet. Mcfarlane thinks if he keeps repeating words like SAFETY and TRANSPARENCY then that must mean they actually do those things. Nothing is further from the truth
 Joe Rose article here!

Mcfarlane discusses bus driver appreciation day

People abandoning MAX says Mcfarlane- he doesn't understand why?

Mcfarlane discusses the collusion with ODOT

Mcfarlane discusses the Clackistani lawsuit

ATU 757 responds to the executive bonanza

And Here’s a Note to You, Neil . . .                                                March 13, 2013

So there you have it folks

The Trimet board of lap dogs fully support that tyrant Mcfarlane, hear them yourselves in the posts right under this one
Never in the history of Trimet has a board not supported the general manager.
Trimet was set up by the Goldschmidt crowd specifically to AVOID public accountability.
The public is in a state of outrage, and here we have this board of elitist hacks supporting the tyrant.
Not one director spoke up for the public, its truly truly pathetic.
Isn't it odd that not one major media outlet is reporting on these elitist hacks and the way they support Mcfarlane robbing from his employees and his public.
The oligarchy is firmly in control of Trimess, its the saddest day in Trimet history.

Lap dog 'sleepy' Bethel says raises should have been higher

Lap dog Prosser defends raises

Lap dog Sweitzer admits board knew of raises and agree with them

The multimillionaire developer on the Portland Streetcar line always faithful to her master

Mcfarlanes pathetic explanation for giving executive raises

Watch how casually he talks about this, as if it doesn't even matter to him. What a slug this guy is


Nothing succeeds like failure at Tri-Met

They gave out raises to all the suits while the transit agency hurtles toward bankruptcy. All the while, the head honcho, who handed himself a 3% raise, was telling the public and the union that there was a management pay freeze in place. That guy needs a new gig somewhere else. And his board of know-nothing directors should be incarcerated.


Great comment on Trimet Oligarchs

- The President of the United States
- Congress
- The Military
- Our state government
- City of Portland

A list of organizations with more accountability to the public than TriMet.

In our society, their arrogance has few peers - perhaps only Wall Street and the oil companies compare to TriMet's contempt for their customers and lack of accountability to anyone. 

Seattle posts impressive bus ridership numbers

(Jack Bog's Blog)

These Are Times That TriMet Men's Souls

Last year, as TriMet cut bus service for the fifth time in four hard years and saddled riders with the biggest fare increase in the agency's history, its managers discreetly gave themselves $910,000 in pay raises. Well, you know, you really don't want to lose the managers who've been working so hard to drive the agency into the dirt. At least the "general manager" who miraculously found the cash didn't try to explain that It's For The Children™. Of course, Neal McFarlane, along with most of the governor-appointed board at TriMet are - like the current and former governors themselves - long-time members of FON (Friends of Neil). The stink of the Goldschmidt era wafts on in Portland. Read the entire post at MaxRedline

Another laughable LAP DOG meeting has just ended

Mcfarlane is always protected by his board of Lap dogs
Here are some of the tweets from todays 'lap dog' meeting.

What is TRIMET anyway?

Definition of OLIGARCHY

: government by the few
: a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes; also : a group exercising such control

2 classy operators (re-posted)


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet"

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!

. once again the 2 ticket machines at 60th are kaput. Is this low stakes lottery or part of an insidious plan?

Funny picture

Worst Trimet GM in history