Monday, February 25, 2013

Speaking of the corrupt immoral health care industry

Health Care Renewal: Reason for Hope? - Novartis Rescinds Vasella's Golden Parachute
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I will be speaking for Angie at tomorrow's exclusion hearing. I have gathered evidence that she was genuinely in diabetic shock when the exclusion took place.
Angie suffers from developmental disability, epilepsy, and diabetes.
The vast majority of Trimet employees have no idea what any of that means.
To Trimet employees, there are no poor, there are no disabled, everybody suffers from the same callous treatment. (speaking generally)
Trimet is woefully unprepared to deal with AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT riders.
There has been no training of employees on this subject
The ADA to Trimet means stop announcements and nothing else.
I will do my best to get this exclusion set aside.

Latest "seen and heard on Trimet" (uncensored)

But not seen on TRIMET'S HOW WE ROLL BLOG!
Thanks to I'm late for work. Still don't understand why I'm paying more. Your service is getting worse.

Rolynd Puckett never calls in sick and never crashes

I wonder if Rolynd is aware that Trimet is actively trying to remove his retirement medical benefits?

I used to see him around never actually had a conversation with him.
I always wondered about the sanity of people that never call in sick but nonetheless its quite an accomplishment to achieve 30+ years of safe driving.
TriMet bus operator honored for 30 years/58,000 hours of stellar driving | TriMet Media


Roberta Alstadt is paid handsomely to lie to the public
TriMet Spokeswoman Roberta Altstadt sent KOIN the following statement Monday afternoon:

"As part of an ongoing campaign to discredit TriMet, the ATU alleged that the MAX system is unsafe. These allegations questioning the safety of the MAX system are absolutely false.  (would you expect a overpaid Trimet crony to tell the truth)
"The allegations are meant to deflect attention from contract negotiations. (hilarious)

"TriMet has repeatedly asked the ATU leadership to come to the table to negotiate excessive healthcare costs
(more lies which has nothing to do with the max safety issue) and other contract loopholes (how bout the loopholes in your brain) They have refused to do so.

"TriMet's dedicated safety team and union mechanics, operators, controllers and field staff work every day to insure the system -- both bus and MAX -- is safe for TM riders and their fellow employees."
(freaking hilarious, spend an afternoon sometime listening to the TRIMET SCANNER and see for yourself just how safe and desireable riding Trimet is these days)

TriMet fires back after union alleges safety problems with MAX system trains - KOIN Local 6 News


Before you dismiss the words of ATU 757 president Bruce Hansen I can tell you from first hand experience that this is no made up fantasy.
I was the subject of one such 'witch hunt' immediately after the yellow line crash appeared on Joe Rose's blog and in the newspaper.
I was put on administrative leave, dragged into the office with one of the hatchet men, and told that if I did not give up the source of that video I would suffer the consequences 'such as a drug addict caught with drugs if he didn't give up his drug dealer.' A year later I was gone from the employ of Trimet having endured a series of 'phony' secret rider reports and other management abuses.

TriMet Launches A Witch Hunt and Threatens Retaliation for Recent Stories in the Press
TriMet transit workers are being threatened with job loss, so says Amalgamated Transit Union President Bruce Hansen. The reason, “the workers became concerned that TriMet money is being spent on unnecessary things while public safety issues are going unaddressed. Last Friday, following the open door problem on Max, employees were afraid that the public would think it was a one-time lapse in safety. So they came forward with a whole host of concerns. They then passed those concerns on to the public through a press release.”
The press followed up, asking hard questions. TriMet’s response to learning of unsafe conditions at Rail? “Sadly, it was to launch a witch hunt. They are currently spending a lot of time trying to track down the source of the information. Safety is supposed to be a joint concern,” Hansen says. “Management is missing the point. This was not new information. The workers have been raising these issues and were hoping somebody was ready to listen
The parties’ collective bargaining agreement says: (Mcfarlane has disposed of collective bargaining)
Article 1, Section 15 –
Par. 1. The health and welfare of employees is a primary concern of both the District and Association. Both parties recognize the importance of achieving and maintaining a high level of safety in all operations of the District. Both parties also recognize the importance of reducing on-the-job injuries and controlling property damage and production losses. Both parties recognize the value of safety rules and practices, as well as preventive and corrective safety measures. Therefore, the District and Association, in recognition of their common commitment to promotion of safety and reduction of losses, will jointly support efforts to implement policies, practices, procedures, and protections during the duration of this Agreement to bring this about.

Funny how Trimet changes it story depending on who they are talking too.

 The ACLU claims the microphones violate an Oregon law governing what can be recorded. Specifically, the law states that a recording can’t be made unless “all participants in the conversation are specifically informed that their conversation is being obtained.”
~~~>That is exactly what they told Lane Jensen 

As usual the standards they try to impose on everybody else never apply to them

 Are TriMet bus microphones an invasion of privacy? | News | Lake Oswego News

What the heck is this?

CenterOutsideLobbyEF - YouTube

Look what I got from Trimet today

That's my 15 year pin! Took em a year to get it to me but better late than never right? But you know what? This 'award' is missing one of its 'ruby's! Ha! They get me again!

Trimet from 'happier days'

Trimet ministry here


Mcfarlane couldn't care less about his riding public or his employees but in Singapore going on strike can land you in jail!
The strike could have had the potential to "severely affect the lives of daily commuters," the judge said.

Chinese bus drivers sentenced after going on strike in Singapore -


This bus driver from Russia is my hero! He 'punishes' drivers that cut him off and he runs his own on board camera, something that would have gotten me fired from Trimet

Bus Driver from Zelenograd Earns the Nickname of Punisher

Here is his Youtube channel!

Mcfarlane's massive con game on the employees and public

Recently Mr Mcfarlane, Trimet so called 'general manager' handed out raises and promotions to most of his managerial staff.

This is immediately after he had announced to his board of puppets and the public that there would be 70% cuts to services if union employees/retirees did not submit to his demands to cut their health insurance coverage.


I favor open meetings, especially where public interests are concerned. Unions have amassed considerable clout by organizing public employees and the people ought to be able to observe the negotiations that are being conducted in our interests.
It’s one thing for private sector negotiations to occur in dimly lit, smoke-filled, back-rooms when only profit margins and stockholder interests are concerned, but an entirely different thing when considering public interests. I’m talking about First-Responders (like Police, Fire, and 911 services), Medical (like public Hospital districts & Ambulance services), Life-sustaining services (like Paratransit & Utility services), and Livability services (like Mass Transit, Roads, Sanitation, Parks, Libraries, and School Districts). The governing bodies of these public interests ought to be transparent and accountable to us–WE, THE PEOPLE–the workers who do these jobs ARE us, our family members, friends, and neighbors. It is also for this reason that many of these public interests ought to be protected through the process of Binding Interest Arbitration, and it’s workers must not be compelled to strike, slow down, or stop their work due to a labor dispute with our governing bodies.