Tuesday, January 28, 2014


In this ridiculous chart we will see how these auditors (term used loosely) make the case that mechanics and operators wages rose up to 10% but the administrators went down by 6%.

 Needless to say they don't go into the methodology for figuring this  but the old 'adjusted for inflation' argument sticks its head out. 

Now I don't remember Mcfarlane taking any pay cuts, or Lomax, or Auxier or any other executive taking any pay-cuts. As a matter of fact it was proven that Mcfarlane had been giving out raises while he was saying he had pay freezes. He got around the pay freeze thing by changing job descriptions.

The 'audit' completely avoided the topic of Mcfarlanes unethical stealing his raise last year by hiding it in the contingency budget at the same time he cut service and raised fares.

The covering up of the Mcfarlane secret raises ends any credibility that this phony audit may have had.

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