Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Collective bargaining and the Fair Labor Standards Act

As you know we have a similiar case pending right now in Federal Court so I watch how these cases get decided. This is a SUPREME COURT decision which has MAJOR implications.

In this case the court decided that the Fair Labor Standards Act did not apply because 'changing clothes' is not protected and:

Although safety glasses, earplugs, and a respirator do not fit the interpretation of “clothes,” the relevant question is whether the period at issue can, on the whole, be fairly characterized as “time spent in changing clothes or washing.” In this case, time spent donning and doffing safety glasses and earplugs was minimal.

The case we have pending is not MINIMAL time but adds an hour to each work day for every bus/train driver that is compensated at pennies on the dollar. This is a good ruling for our case

Sandifer v. United States Steel Corp. US Supreme Court Center

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