Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Joe Rose article on the audit which is nothing but a whitewash

The overriding example of collusion is this:

Last year, McFarlane came under fire for quietly dipping into a rainy day fund to hand out raises to managers and other non-union employees. He defended the move by saying they had gone too long without a pay increase. The audit shows the average earnings of an administrative employee has fallen 6 percent since 2006, while those of maintenance workers and operators has grown by 7 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

That is an explicit defense of Mcfarlanes raiding of the treasury and the statement makes no sense. Who exactly at Trimet got pay cuts? And putting six figure executives into a 'hardship' category brings into question everything else in this so called audit.It's just another white wash, as most of us knew it would be. The 'audit' also failed to disclose that retirees such as myself have seen a 25% decline in  our pensions and a $3000 increase in our medical expense self pay.
The entire audit is nothing but a whitewash and another in a long line of disappointments. 

State audit finds TriMet needs to take 'extremely urgent' money, safety problems more seriously |


Al M said...

11 Minutes Ago
The billion-dollar financial hole is the real story. But they have money for the fancy car-haters' bridge and the Mystery Train to Milwaukie. Portland deserves the train wrecks -- financial and physical -- that lie ahead. Earl the Pearl and Ron Wyden (R-N.Y.) have lots of dough for construction pork, but nothing for operations and maintenance. Good luck with that.

Jason McHuff said...

"administrative employees" include more than just executives, and does that factor in health care plan cost increases?

Al M said...

The only BIG raises went to the executives, the 'administrative employees' argument is used as a smoke screen and shield of the executive raises