Friday, January 24, 2014

Karen Rispoli beats Seattle Metro

The arbitrator’s decision speaks for itself and, as required, we’re complying with that decision,” Switzer said in an email.
But Bruce Laing, a 35-year Metro employee and Rispoli’s friend, has his own theory.
He said, “One of the chiefs that I interact with told me, ‘She’s a pain in the ass. She’s a troublemaker and we’re going to figure this out.’ ”
Rispoli has a history of challenging employers dating back nearly three decades.
From 1986 to 1995, she filed lawsuits alleging sexual harassment, wrongful termination, discrimination and other claims against three employers, including a private health club, Seattle’s municipal water department and King County’s Department of Youth Services (DYS).
Each time, defendants paid Rispoli to settle out of court, records show.
“I’ve been painted as crazy, sue-happy and a kid nobody wanted,” said, Rispoli, 55, whose parents abandoned her at 12. “The truth is, I grew up in Chicago where the motto was, ‘If the cops won’t help you, file a lawsuit as protection.’
“It’s not about the money,” she added, “but money is the only language corrupt organizations like Metro understand.”
In 2009, after she and other bus drivers transferred to Sound Transit Central Link to help launch the new light-rail system, Rispoli quickly complained about safety.
“Trains were almost bashing into each other, and she was one of the drivers who spoke up,” said Laing, who is pursuing his own legal claim against Metro over a separate disciplinary matter. “They just gave her the brushoff.


Anonymous said...

Maybe Karen should go work for TriMet and pair up with Ellen Fox?

Anonymous said...

Just delete METRO and add TRIMET.

Practically an exact match.