Friday, January 24, 2014

Lane Jensen gets 18-36 month deferred sentence

As expected Lane Jensen was sentenced to a term of 18-36 months 'deferred' which means that if he stays out of trouble the case will be dropped. 18 months if he is a very good boy, 36 months if he is not. (what ever that means)


Anonymous said...

Not exactly sure what you mean by 18-36 month deferred sentence. What it sounds like is he is on probation. Sounds like it will go on his record as an arrest but not a conviction. But when filing out any future employment applications and they come to the criminal background part. They usually have the question, Have you ever received Deferred Adjudication? This is where he would put yes. Maybe later he can have the recored sealed from the general public.

Anonymous said...

Lane spent countless hours on the busses and max trains. Did one operator, fare inspector or road supervisor ever fear their life when they had contact with or encountered Lane. The answer to that is "NO".

Was there ever a time when Roberta had a face to face moment with Lane? "NO"!

Roberta Alstad is a "LIAR"! Lane is a gentle person and has not harmed or threatened anyone.

This is nothing but a setup to shutup Lane.

Roberta Alstad your nothing but a scum bag whore. YOU are a paid prostitue because you lied about an innocent man. You were never in danger or never threatend.

h. h. said...

Although I can understand why Lane didn't want to fight this injustice to the very end, I was really looking forward to him doing so. I'm sure Roberta and all of TriMet management are feeling smug and patting themselves on the back over this. They did not have to spend money defending themselves and they got rid of a thorn in their sides with little effort. Dispicable.

I'd urge Lane to make sure his record is expunged of this whole thing at some point and if his lawyer is any good, he will help him do that as there should be no problem for him going forward in what he has to disclose in the way of his arrest record, etc. I've seen this done many times for first-time offenders so hopefully, there should be no problems for him in the future.