Friday, January 31, 2014

Trimet's most obvious safety fail

Alan Eisenberg has been talking about this for years, its the Trimet PRE-TRIP inspection that every driver is supposed to do before taking the bus out on the road. The image below is what is required before taking your vehicle in service and this is an excerpt from the 'audit' 
To ensure that vehicles are in working order, TriMet operators inspect their
vehicles prior to departing on their routes.

That's quite a few items that are supposed to be inspected before moving your bus in service.
And here is what is happening: Trimet gives operators 10 minutes from the time they sign in and get their route materials to go out and perform all those tasks, set up their drivers compartment which includes adjusting the mirrors and seats etc.

The reality is that none of the stuff listed in the picture above gets done. There is barely enough time to get out to the bus and set up the seat.

It's the most OBVIOUS Trimet safety FAIL and the 'auditors' missed it completely.

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