Friday, January 24, 2014

What does PSU and TRIMET have in common

We started a journey just over a year ago to pull back the curtain on decision making and spending at TriMet. Last week, a discussion of labor issues at Portland State University took place that has so many parallels to TriMet, you’ll be amazed when you read it.  Here’s the real eye-opener: the core issue, according to PSU sociology professor Jose Padin, is the rise of a self-serving administrative class that is no longer concerned with the mission that front line workers are struggling to fulfill every day. Check out this quote: “Our institutions are being run by a class of people that [are] an enemy to our mission. To them, education and public service is a secondary interest. They are interested in their own personal careers.”

Wow! Please read the article and see if it doesn’t put a whole new perspective on what’s been happening for years at TriMet – and why the toxic culture there has to change...