Saturday, April 19, 2014

Why can't Trimet do this? TODAY?


from the Office of the General Manager said...

Thank you for your question, Eric,

We can't pay our bus driver retirees one of the most generous retirement packages in world AND buy expensive articulated hybrid buses too! We must make a choice and our choice is to take care of our retirees as a way of saying "thank you for all the dedicated hours you put in through the years!"

Yours truly, N. McFarlane.

Next question...

Al M said...

WRONG- Trimet won't do that today because it would compete with the beloved light rail.

Henry Beasley said...

They will if they get BRT approved on Powell.

Max said...'s because you voted against high-capacity transit in Tigard, Erik.

Jason McHuff said...

Or how about TriMet would need to have the buses (and the ability to maintain them, etc) to put them into service?

The best way to get better service like that would be to make drivers have to pay for their parking, pollution cleanup, etc so that more people will consider transit and there's less traffic congestion and argument to build a separate right of way.

Al M said...

Jason subscribes to the rob Peter to pay Paul philosophy of government

Anonymous said...

The Goldshit cronies won't allow it: "If it's a bus it's a bust." Just not enough long-term money in buses. Think of all the planners, pr people, and other six figure folks that need to be paid in the multi-year run up to rail. They'd die with out that cash, their west hills homes would slide down the slope to where the poor people camp.

This must not happen!

kswiss said...

So a vote against high capacity transit is a vote against a bus order to New Flyer or Vanhool, Max? Got it, thanks.