Wednesday, July 23, 2014


No fancy press release for June's ridership statistics. We know why that is right? Of course we do, its because the beloved MAX ridership is still falling. Not very hard to believe really, they've made riding the MAX sorta like riding trains during the Nazi era in 1930's Germany. And rather than getting on a moving train to check fares they hold up each train which means riders are late with many of them missing connecting buses. We won't mention how often the MAX breaks down lately either

Buses on the other hand had an increase of 6%! Proving that if you provide buses people will ride them.

Of course we can't forget the Trimet Wes service which saw an increase of about 23 people per trip. WES still has not achieved the ridership that was predicted when they started the thing but whatever.
WES service shows how equity at Trimet is a total joke. For the same price as a slow bus ticket WES riders get express service in a 1st class train with internet  proving once again that TRIMET exists for the benefit of the rail riders.

Total TRIMET ridership remains flat, meaning people are not running to ride the TRIMET. The Trimet leadership has basically failed in getting people to ride them. It doesn't matter, they can fail without penalty. Trimet was set up specifically so that it would be unaccountable.

Bus ridership was up 5.7% for the month while Max declined again -2.6%
Total yearly ridership on Trimet is basically flat with a small decline
Hard to believe that with all the turmoil under his iron fisted rule he continues to reign supreme

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