Saturday, July 26, 2014

The pinnacle of the Trimet blogger movement

Before the Trimet bloggers splintered we have this moment of solidarity. This post has gotten over 2000 views



Anonymous said...

Name one incident of positive change from each of the four.

Al M said...

Name one incident of change from anybody who is not a Trimet insider.

Anonymous said...

Ummmm , let's see,

A-Lane got Tiffany Sweitzer removed from the board

B-Cameron was one of the first transit dependent rider advocates later became a vocal member of OPAL

C-Al opened up the Trimet culture to the world, to this day is a valuable source of information that can not be found anywhere else.

D-Alex was a frequent commentator at board meetings until he gave up Trimet for a personal vehicle.

That's not to say that all 4 people don't have their critics, hell everyone has someone that hates them.

Max said...

Yeah let's be critical of the people trying to stand up and do something, because we all know that so much more has been accomplished by sitting on your ass doing nothing except criticizing others anonymously.

There are certain aspects of some of these people that I don't agree with / etc; but I do admire that at least they are willing to stand up for what they believe in.

Anonymous said...

The first comment is actually funny. Al and his merry band of misfits have created more chaos for the Trimet management than that bus drivers union ever did.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... I mean come on really? Even Lane, as insane as he was, actually got peoples' attention for valid things. Alex was probably the most articulate and calm of the group from what I've seen. Al does his thing and honestly you don't get more information and news about things than you do from him. And Cameron now does productive work in actual activist groups. They may just be four nerds obsessed with transit, but better to do something than to sit back and bitch about others doing nothing. Hint hint.

Al M said...

I'll take those last three comments as a compliment.
Bottom line all four of us are indeed 'transit nerds'.
We know more about Trimet than most people who work at Trimet.

We do it because we enjoy it.
Over a million 250 thousand views on this blog, somebody must be enjoying it but us...

kswiss said...

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