Monday, August 4, 2014

Talking About Customers

There is this one woman who can be found riding any number of lines. She always has a roll-along bag. Petite, middle-aged woman who wears brown/black garb, head covered even in the heat of summer. The only thing she says to the driver is "Ramp, please". Never a "thank you", or a "have a nice day, schmuck". She sometimes rides for quite a while, but she has also been known to ride just a few stops. Her fare is always current, she never speaks to anybody, doesn't cause any trouble. I used to see her almost daily, and I would groan when I did. Usually she would board when I was running late, so it would annoy me to run the ramp out for her to board knowing I'd have to do it all over again in a few minutes. Now I want to know her story. I'm curious. Other drivers have seen her, given her a nickname (which escapes me at the moment), and have the same description of her. The only glimpse of her eyes spoke volumes of sadness to me. She mostly avoids eye contact, so I can't describe her face. I can only hope she has a home and people who love her.
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Anonymous said...

Where is that photo at?...

Anonymous said...

She is homeless. She is one of many stories of fractured lives on the streets. Just know her journey could become yours. Treat her as you treat others, without judgement. Everyone has something they're going through. Be kind

Al M said...

I don't know go over to that blog and ask