Monday, August 4, 2014

Thanks for the Wonderful Experience

Fuck Trimet and one particular driver.I put in a valid ticket and you said it was not valid and I needed to get off the bus. I asked why it wasn't valid and you just escalated to the cops.first thing. You are horrible at your job and shouldn't have any authority. I If your answer to a request for information as to why my ticket is invalid is to tell me "I can call the cops and they can tell you why it is not valid" then you don't deserve a job working with the public.
I just wanted to know why you were telling me my ticket wasn't valid when it should have been. I asked politely because I was genuinely confused as to why you were saying I needed to get off the bus or pay a valid fare. I've been riding my whole life and know what a valid ticket looks like. I was given the ticket by a friend so if there was some reason that it was genuinely invalid then fine, but just tell me more than it's not valid. That means nothing at all and tells me even less. Fuck you and your power trip.
I should have made you call the cops, but I didn't want to make all the other riders wait for them to arrive. I won't wasted that many man hours and my time fighting you. But I hope you can at least read and find this. Fuck you for leaving me stranded. I truly hope that you come to my business so I can return the favor someday soon. You won't always have power over me so I hope you enjoyed it. I hope the next person you do this to has a lot less to lose than I do.
Thanks for the Wonderful Experience | I, Anonymous | Portland Mercury

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