Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Trimet managers plan for MAX tracks repair goes down the toilet

Trimet managers motto
It sure didn't take long for the latest Trimet fail to occur. The managers grand plan failed in less than one day. Doesn't matter to them. Fail after fail after fail yet they will all get their raises and there will be no one held to any standards of  accountability. These people disrupted the lives of thousands of people, who cares right?

The double standards of performance between the rank and file and the management is indeed profound.

Monday, the first day of the disruption, led to longer-than-expected commutes and for that, we apologize to our riders. To lessen the delays, we are streamlining our train maneuvers as they turn around on a single track at Lloyd Center and at the Rose Quarter. This has led us to adjust our service plan during the remaining days of the disruption. We are still asking riders to plan an extra 30 minutes to their commutes.
Read the rest of the Trimet bullshit HERE
Joe Rose's softball article on the mess at Trimet HERE!  (yes they roll out the GREAT RECESSION nonsense again. The press doesn't question it)

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