Friday, August 1, 2014

Yet another beautifully played Trimet propaganda stunt

-These Trimet propaganda people are absolute geniuses at this public relations game. They constantly amaze me how much mileage they get out of these cheap PR stunts . Of course this requires the cooperation of the main stream media.  This public relations stunt is  for an event over one year away yet the media is covering it. What crap

Itching to cross Portland's new picturesque bridge over the Willamette River?
You'll get your first chance on Aug. 9, 2015. (Note: That's next year, not next week)
TriMet says it will open the 1,720-foot Tilikum Crossing to bicyclists and pedestrians for one day in honor of the Providence Bridge Pedal's 20th anniversary. The span will then be closed until the MAX Orange Line begins operating a month later.
Rick Bauman, director of the Bridge Pedal, told The Oregonian that people registered for next year's massive river-crossing bicycling event will get the first birds-eye view from the deck of what is thought to be the nation's largest car-free bridge open to the public.
Joe Rose Trimet propaganda here

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