Saturday, September 6, 2014

A Trimet driver writes

 Been driving the shuttle buses for the Sunset Transit Center repair thing and he says they're a joke. T.M. hasn't informed people that they can take the train directly downtown-that it just doesn't stop at Sunset tc and vice verse. They've made a big deal out of nothing, which as you know is the tm way. 

 A driver made a high school student get off his bus after he paid a youth fare cuz the driver said since he was smoking he should pay the extra 1.50 as only adults smoke.This asshole is one of Merlo's christian-right.

Things suck so much in my puny tm world with horrid runs I picked so I could be off on Tue/Wed to take some classes. Three of my days are ok,the other two are sooooo bad.It's distressing to see the types of runs they put out. They truly don't give a rip what happens to us in the course of a day when we can.t keep a schedule and you constantly incur the wrath of so many people. It's so exhausting.

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