Thursday, September 11, 2014

Trimet's hierarchy of stress

I've always found it funny that different transit operators working for the same transit system have very different levels of stress put on them depending on which part of the transit agency they work.

At Trimet for example the worst working conditions and worst schedules are foisted upon the bus division. More than 1/2 of Trimet bus schedules just do not work (and trimet officials are will aware they don't work), and many of the drivers breaks are just gone by the time the bus reaches the end of the line.

The Max schedules are more realistic and the recovery times at the ends of the line are pretty good as long as there has not been some sort of hold up along the lines. Max operators even get paid their regular hourly wage to get to their road reliefs, bus drivers get 1/6 of their hourly wage to get to their road reliefs. 

And then there is the biggest Trimet boondoggle, the WES, the biggest breaks of all the transit operators

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