Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Thanks to the ATU concessions Trimet managers now say they can afford its union personnel. Union members (especially retirees who had  to endure  Greek style cuts to their pensions) were forced to pay for Trimet's  funding light rail projects instead of their employees over the last 25 years.

The most vexing part of this to me is that these current and former executives continue accumulating massive wealth while at the same time literally stealing the pensions from their retirees. And what's worse than the Trimet executives stealing the pensions away is the unions complicity in this action.

In the presentation below we will see how much money this contract deal is saving Trimet. From what they are saying this should be the end of cuts for employees and retirees. Future employees will have to eat shit (but they take the job knowing that)  but at least this seems to be (if you can believe them which is not easy to do since Trimet executives have a long record of lying) the end of the give backs for the current crop of suckers that find themselves involved with this organization. Remember a year or two from now this testimony will be lost to the wind and the oligarchs can roll out whatever false propaganda suits them at that time.

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Speakerofthepeople1 said...

Bruce Hansen's quote to the Portland Tribune

“But the gigantic elephant in the room is that 44-years of TriMet failing to fund its promises to its current and future retirees. That is the issue that needs to be addressed in the next two years. It is my hope that the new trend toward cooperation will help make that happen,” says Hansen, who nonetheless notes the two sides have moved toward more effective cooperation now that they have been able to successfully resolve a number of outstanding issues in recent months.

The scariest thing about this paragraph from the Portland Tribune is Bruce still thinks the OPEB is still an issue and make no mistake TriMet will come to gut the last nickel Union members have in their bank accounts and the smaller properties will follow. I didn't vote for Bruce nor would I in the future, ATU members are losing everything that was achieved through years of bargaining. And if this is what "effective cooperation" brings I want nothing to do with it. We need respect not pandering.