Tuesday, October 14, 2014

New Trimet signup has operators MAD AS HELL

MAD AS HELL from al m on Vimeo.

After 40+ year of handling operator assignments in one way Trimet  has unilaterally made the decision to change it.
Apparently with the approval of the union officers

Let me try to explain as best as I can. 

Full time operators have several ways they can sign their regular work. 
They can sign work for Monday thru Friday with weekends off. 
When operators do that they get the same assignment every day.

Or they can choose work that give them 2 weekdays off, in that case they sign three separate runs:
1-the weekday work, 2-the Saturday work, 3-the Sunday work.

What Trimet has done is taken all the work that has weekdays off and created what is called a 'block' which is the weekday portion+the Saturday portion+ the Sunday portion, all together.

Operators do not get to choose their own weekend work any longer, it's chosen for them.

Take a look at the example below:

Click for better viewing

Operator decides he/she wants Monday Tuesday off and picks route 4 train 39 as their weekday work

What's happened now is that if you pick route 4 train 39 with Mondays and Tuesdays off you don't get to pick your weekend work, its picked for you.

In this example you are forced to take route 9 train 36 for Sunday and route 71 train 35 for Saturday.
You can make no other choices, that's it. 

If I were an operator I would be mad as hell to.

The fact that the union signed off on this is really troubling.


Henry Beasley said...

making management proud.

Royce Cantrell said...

Have to say I'm not up to speed all things Trimet, however I am familiar with government power and its abuse of ordinary workers. When will politicians do what's good for the people, instead of the party? Hope you might consider me as your Write In Candidate for Oregon Governor. I'm not affiliated with a party and I don't accept donations.
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Max said...

Trimet has unilaterally made the decision to change it.
Apparently with the approval of the union officers

Doesn't sound very unilateral to me, Al! :-)

Speakerofthepeople1 said...

How in the world can someone say the contract sucks but alas they are going to vote yes? WTF Is our membership that lazy? Do you not have your own mind? This is no time for "bend over and take it" come on members get up off your "ass" and stand up for yourselves.

Al M said...

The union leadership is not the union membership Max

Speakerofthepeople1 said...

Stand up people!! This HOS shit is shit! The contract is shit! How many brains are out there that say " I should get involved?" but still sit there and do nothing? Stand up, get involved!

Max said...

unilateral: (of an action or decision) performed by or affecting only one person, group, or country involved in a particular situation, without the agreement of another or the others

If the union approved then that's not unilateral.

Also: what is the point of having union representation when you guys are so full of mistrust that you don't even trust your own union brothers/sisters who you voted into office?

Al M said...

It's the same union that gave away the right to strike without asking anyone. Can't live with them can't live without them

rocketman said...

You need to check the figures on the new benefit cost for 80/20 plan. We pay 5%. The 90/10 plan we pay the same 5% of the 80/20 plan plus the difference between the two plans. According to the numbers they have us paying 5% of the 90/10 plan plus the difference between the plans that is not correct we will be double tapped for example 6.37/month under the FAMILY PLAN. What other numbers are wrong? Do the Math and tell me I'm wrong

rocketman said...

The 90/10 plan numbers are wrong at least for the family plan, I have not checked the others ones I believe it should be 104.43 = 127.55 + 231.98

Al M said...

The way I understand it is that Trimet will only pay for the 80/20 plan now.

They are not eliminating the 90/10 plan but we have to pay the difference in premium costs from the 80/20 plan. The figures they have given for a employee, retiree and spouse are $100 more than the 80/20 plan.

I was under the impression that the cost was much higher than that

Henry Beasley said...

for those who have doubt, show up at Sunday's meeting concernIng the contract, get your question answered and make a decision based on the questions that you have and the answers you get. But if you're not educated to what the board has stated, and the company as well as the union has stated then making assumptions it's just not productive.

rocketman said...

Sorry for the previous error, the correct numbers are 104.43+127.55=231.88 per month for 90/10 family plan.

punkrawker4783 said...

So as a full timer, you are required to pick the same weekday work each weekday you work? Your not able to pick different work each day? (I am referring to the "old way")

Jason McHuff said...

I believe so, but would you want to have work and hours that change based on the day? When it was first presented (and I believe Al posted the handout), the goal was to bring stability/predictability to operator's work, giving a schedule that is the same each work day.

Al M said...

OK Chad here is what happened:
Trimet has eliminated REGULAR RELIEF as an option for operator sign up

always roaming said...

Odd, at Metro in Seattle, we went from a "block system" of picking to an open pick decades ago. Our block-system consisted of operators being either:

1st in the block --Sunday/Monday off
2nd in the block --Tuesday/Wednesday off
3rd in the block -- Thursday/Friday off
No block ...the agency pre-designated a limited number of these --Saturday/Sunday off (same run each week-day ...a high seniority pick)

The first person to "pick the block" would position the pre-designated runs they wanted and their block position. The last person, by seniority, forced to pick the block would be left with whatever combinations of runs that were left by those who earlier picked their position in the block.

I think it was in the late 1970s where both Metro and the Union agreed that an open pick would be better and have more benefits for both parties involved. It gave the agency more flexibility in structuring the work (within certain guidelines agreed upon by both parties) costing less in the long run and gave the membership more flexibility in choosing their work assignments. A win-win situation, you'd think.

Why TriMet and 757 would want to take such a giant step backward in regressing to such an antiquated system befuddles me.