Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Seattle Metro transit workers told their union to shove it

The rumors are flying, Trimet propaganda is starting to hit the mainstream media (Portland Tribune) and nobody knows exactly what is in the contract except the oligarchs

What we do know is that the union is pitching this contract as "necessary" and that if workers don't accept it than all is lost. Of course the union wants to save face and they will lose face if the members reject it.

But Seattle transit workers didn't fall for that crap, they also have no right to strike unfortunately. 

But even though ATU handed away the fundamental rights of union members , they can't take away a union members right to say no!

King County Metro Transit workers have overwhelmingly rejected a contract offer that would have frozen wages for 2014 and 2015, followed by an inflation-indexed raise in 2016.
The count by Amalgamated Transit Union Local 587 on Wednesday night was 839 yes, 1,595 no, a pass rate of only 34 percent.  A total 2,434 ballots were cast, indicating nearly two-thirds of the 3,800 members participated.  Local 587 is the largest transit union on the West Coast, including bus drivers, train operators, mechanics and electricians.
The next step is likely to be arbitration between the union and the county, drawn out for many months. This is the second offer union members have rejected, to cover the three-year period starting Nov. 1, 2013.  Transit workers here are not allowed to strike, but a few have suggested some type of workplace action.
President Paul Bachtel and the union’s executive board had voted 14-2 to recommend passage, fearing that to roll the dice with an arbitrator could yield a worse contract. Bachtel said Wednesday this was the first time the board recommended a “concessionary” contract in which employees lose ground on wages.


Max said...

nobody knows exactly what is in the contract except the oligarchs

Are you lumping your union guys into that category?

The reason for the delay is probably that they reached an agreement (handshake) on what should be in the contract, but now just need to send revisions back and forth to get the exact wording on paper.

Al M said...

I keep hearing that bullshit Max and its Bullshit.

It never should have been released at all till the agreement was finalized.

There is some kind of game being played here, I can smell it