Friday, October 10, 2014

WARNING! Trimet buses may damage your hearing!

Below is an exact copy of a comment I submitted to Trimet today. It is self explanatory. I spoke with Bruce at ATU, and he told me there are numerous problems with the new 3000 series buses. This is one more.

"The new buses (the ones that are equipped with LED lights, etc.) have a very loud warning beep that activates when the bus is kneeling. The beep is so loud, I believe it could be damaging to the hearing of people standing near the bus, which means that regular riders are being repeatedly exposed to a potentially damaging level of noise, possibly even drivers as well. I have spoken with drivers about this, and have been told that there is no way to adjust the volume of the beeping sound. This should be fixed, for the safety of riders and employees. It is far louder than necessary for its purpose.
Note: 85db is considered a threshold beyond which permanent hearing damage is likely to occur."


always roaming said...

Both options are union-busting techniques which will eventually lead to the dilution in strength of the membership, further deterioration of worker morale ...and in the case of privatization, the obvious loss of union jobs.

A tier-system is never good. 757 should fight this with gusto should TriMet attempt to force this option.

John St. Clair said...

The above comment does not make any sense and does not address the commenters complaint at all. And I agree. It is too loud and should be adjusted

John Jamison said...

There is a problem with the volume on the 3000 series buses. I for one have suffered hearing injuries from the volume of the alarms. They should be lowed to below 80 dba.