Wednesday, November 12, 2014

ATU Vice President Hunt stirs up more controversy

I have great concerns about Jon Hunt's November 7th Labor Press article. The retirees are their own charter, recognized by the ATU International, independently from our local. They have their own charter number, they have their own non-profit number, and they have their own executive board. This board has an elected President, Vice President, and Financial Secretary Treasurer, all independent from our local. IT IS THIS WAY FOR A REASON! Jonathan Hunt should not be having checks written to him that have anything to do with the retirees charter. Jon is bonded for OUR local, not theirs. I am disgusted that Mary hasn't stepped in to stop this. I can only imagine what our CPA, Herman Linsey, would have to say to Jon's request for checks to be made out to him. Once again, he has stepped beyond the line of what should considered by all to be professionally above reproach and begs the question, "Why?" Also, the whole "Solidarity" crap that was in his article is B.S. Jon Hunt is such a hypocrite. At the time of the writing of his article, he didn't even bother attending the Q and A meeting regarding TriMet's tentative agreement which 14 out of 18 of the negotiating team members voted to bring before the TM membership. Seems to me that Jon's chameleon-like "solidarity" only shows its true colors when it suits him. I also think Longoria's excuse was very weak. I was at the informational meeting and I had members asking me all kinds of questions on the side that a Financial Secretary-Treasurer could answer that didn't pertain to the pending contract. I was happy that I could answer our brothers' and sisters' questions. Mary should have been there for them. Her opinion wasn't needed, but she could have been available to answer questions based on fact regarding our contract.
Bill Lingo

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