Monday, November 24, 2014

Confusion on Trimet employees who have double coverage


I would like information on co-pays and deductibles for myself and my wife being covered under each other’s insurance plan. We are both employed by TriMet are planning to use Regence for our coverage. We want to know how being double covered affects our deductibles and co-pays along with any other information you may have on double coverage.  I asked at one of the information tables and was referred to your department.

Also, can we opt for two different plans and cover each other under the plans? For example my wife chooses Regence and I choose Kaiser? How would this impact our coverage?

It would be nice if the individuals at the tables could answer these and other questions.


For more details information about dual coverage and how it is going to be process, you can call Regence at 503 225 5336. They are the one who process claims for TriMet and should be able to help your with your inquiry.

If you have different plans, your own plan is going to be your primary. So, if you choose Kaiser as your medical provider, then Kaiser is your primary insurance.

Kaiser does not have coordination of benefits with Regence so more likely if you were to use the Regence plan under your spouse, it will get billed to Kaiser and then it will be denied and then it can be sent to Regence as your secondary coverage.


If TriMet is implementing these forced changes upon union members I think a reasonable expectation is for TriMet to have answers for it’s employees.  Obviously I am wrong.

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