Friday, November 21, 2014

Everything for Mcfarlane-nothing for the drivers

A pal of mine just got 2 commendations from riders on their bus.
They lamented how there is no longer gift cards for operators who do a great job at Trimet
I remember when Trimet removed those  little perks due to 'budget problems'
Well the budget problems are over but Trimet has still removed all those little perks that drivers would get for their superior performance.

I guess all of that sort of thing needs to go to King Neil now, for his current administration and his future retirement.

After all, Neil is much more important that some bus driver serving the public day after day.

 Neil gets annual salary of $229,000.  
$97,179 cash payment on the day he retires.
$12,800 every month for life when he retires

But Trimet can't afford $25 gift certificates for Bus operators

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