Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Mary Longoria

Mary wrote an article in this months labor press that I thought was excellent in expressing her dissent and thought it worthy of a post.
I've edited it for brevity

Now that the contract election is over I am able to discuss the contract being no longer under my 'gag order'

I want members to know that there is a legal statute which states that if I spoke against the contract an unfair labor practice would be filed by Trimet against ATU757.

As many people know I usually have an 'opinion' and is frequently a strongly expressed one.

I need to read and make sure I understand the ramifications of my decisions and how those decisions affect the members.

To me there were just too many unanswered questions in this contract that needed clarification.
(I for one would like to know what those questions are precisely)

Our negotiating team has had differences in opinions but that is part of the process.

Reasonable, thoughtful people can disagree and continue to work together towards their mutual goals.
(Bravo, dissenting opinions are vital to the process, without them there is no process at all)
I felt comfortable leaving the final decision in the hands of the membership, they are the union.

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