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October's weird TriMet service alerts

NOTE: Many of these alerts were written by dispatchers who are not expected to be language experts, may not have time to proofread, and make mistakes like all humans.  They may have many other tasks in progress at the moment, such as dealing with buses that are already stuck due to the blockage or situations elsewhere.  While the errors probably should be forgiven, they can cause confusion or problems for those who try to follow them.

And yes, I'm weeks late in posting these. 

#35 A reminder for line 35 Operators the Halloween Event detour does not start until 4:00pm.

#57 UPDATE:Line 57 is detoured Eastbound: Regular route to TV & 153rd, right 153rd, left Milikan Way, right TV and regular route until further notice.
[this works for westbound but not eastbound]

#14 Line 14 outbound ONLY: Regular route to 52nd and Franklin, left Franklin, right 52nd, veer left Foster, & Regular route.
[how do you reach 52nd after proceeding from it?]

#10 Line 10: OUTBOUND TO 94th and FOSTER. Regular route to 26th and Clinton, left Clinton, right 29th, right Tibbets, left 26th and regular route. 10MPH SLOW ORDER in THE AREA.
["left Clinton" should be "continue Clinton" as the route turns onto 26th there]

#88 Line 88 to Willow Creek: Regular route 198th and Alexander LT-Alexander RT-192nd RT-York LT-198th and regular route.
[all of the lefts and rights are the opposite of what they should be as buses to Willow Creek are heading north on 198th, and 192nd is to the east]

#78 Line 78 to left out: regular route to Kerr and Jefferson continue Kerr LT-Independence RT-Jefferson and regular route detour.
#78 LINE 78 to left out: regular route Kerr Park way and McNary Parkway LT-McNary Parkway to Jefferson Parkway and regular route detour from there.
[the detour needed a detour; also, their posting script expands "L" and "O" to "left" and "out"]

#88 Line 88 to Beaverton Transit Center: regular route 198 and Johnson LT-York RT-192th RT-Alexander LT-198th and regular route.
[how do you turn onto York when you've already gone to Johnson which is past it?]

#71 Line 71 to 94th & Foster: Regular route to 60th & Wasco, left Wasco, right 57th, right Hasely & regular route until further notice.
["right Halsey" should really be "jog right at Halsey to continue 57th"]

#4 Line 4 inbound detour: Regular route to Division and 82nd, left 82nd, right Powell,
[then what?]

#19 Rex Loop trips are not serving stops south of Knapp.
["Rex Loop" is informal and internal, better to just specify the few stops in the area]

#12 Line 12 to Tigard Transit Center: regular route NOTE: DO NOT service any BUS STOPS on Barbur BETWEEN Slavin Hill and Capitol Hwy and Lane dues to the run.

#15 LINE 15 SHORTLINE Turnaround: Use detour to Washington and 5th LT-5th LT-Madison to Layover on Madison and 1st for time.

#15 Line 15 Montgomery Park or Yeon and 44th )) regular route to Washington and 5th LT-5th LT-Columbia LT-4th LT-Jefferson LT-Washington and regular route.
[Jefferson never meets Washington]

#20 Line 20 to 23rd and Burnside ot Beaverton Transit Center: Regular route, BUMP THRU on Burnside & 5th and Burnside & 9th.

Several ticket machines are down due to intermittent power outages. As an alternative, you can buy fares on buses, at retail outlets or the mobile app.

#34 Line 34 - due to a blocking crane at Willamette View Manor do not go into this location - service on street until around noon or when clear.

#10 Line 10 construction at 136th & Harold has another flagger to help flag buses thru when they arrive - INBOUND stop is closed west temporary 150 ft west of regular route stop due to large hole.

#70 LINE 70 Northbound - there is a broke down semi on 17th just after U cross Mcloughlin in Milwaukie - supervisor on scene will walk the buses around the problem via Regular route!

#16 No service to SW Oak & 6th due to construction.
[it's a long walk to the next closest stops, and reaching that stop is probably a walk in itself for many riders]

#10 detour outbound to 94th and Foster Regular route to Harold and 130th right 130th right Foster Then regular route until clear.
[130th doesn't go through from Harold to Foster]

#43 Line 43 - The water dept is working on an emergency repair near intersection of Corbett & Nebraska - street closure signs are for auto traffic, buses are to go around signs - honk if you need help.

#71 Update detour Line 71 to Montgomery Park: Regular route to Halsey and 71st then left 71st, right Glisan, right 60th, left Halsey and regular route. until 6p.
#71 Line 71 disregard last detour message. Sent to wrong route.

#15 Line 15 Back to regular route at 21:54.
[this was sent at about 8:55 PM, or 20:55]

#15 Due to the Timbers match tonight at Providence Park, the stop on SW Morrison at 17th and on SW 18th at Morrison will not be served between 6:06 pm and 2 am. For service to downtown and Belmont use the temporary stop on SW 17th at Yamhill. For service to Montgomery Park, board at W Burnside and NW 19th.
[between 6:06 pm and 2 am?]

#72 Line 72 detour Eastbound: Regular route to Killingsworth and Cully, left Cully service stop on Cully, continue Cully, right Portland Hwy into Killsworth and Regular route Until Clear.
[was "continue Cully" really necessary? I can't think of any other option]

#78 No service to stops on Kerr Pkwy between McNary and Jefferson.
[this is ambiguous as McNary intersects Kerr in two places]

#6 LINE 6 outbound ONLY: Regular route to 4th and Columbia, continue Columbia, left 2nd, right Madison, & Regular route(police action until around 8a.
[this is the old route which was deemed unsafe]

#44 line 44 use caution in the area of Capital Hwy and Luradel no reroutes at this time. Just slow going.

#37 #78 Lines 37 & 78 are regular route in Lake Oswego - Flaggers at B street will bump buses thru - please use caution in construction zone.

#6 Line 6 Southbound updated detour: Regular route to I-5 and Marine drive, continue I-5 to Delta park exit, right Victory blvd , veer right into Whitaker road, left Hayden Meadows drive, left Union ct , right Vancouver wy & regular route.
#6 Line 6 Southbound: regular route to I-5 Southbound & Marine Drive exit, continue I-5 to right Delta Park exit, into north Expo Road, right north Force Av, right Marine Drive & regular route.
[Marine Drive is the designated exit for Delta Park, and its unclear how to get onto Victory Blvd or Expo Road]

#4 Reminder, Line 4: in Gresham, please layover at Hood, so regular route service can use the main stop. Thanks :)

#17 Line 17 to Saratoga: Regular route to 24th and Fremont then left Fremont, left 21st, right Regents Drive to 24th and regular route. until 6p.
[should be "right 21st"]

#6 Update at 7:00 Line 6 detour to Jantzen Beach: Regular route to MLK and Columbia, left Columbia, right Vancouver Ave, right Schmeer Road into Vancouver Way to Gertz Road and Regular route until further notice.
[can't really turn right onto Schmeer as it becomes Vancouver Way there]

#71 Line 71 to Clackamas Town Center: regular route to 122nd and Market then left Market, right 117th slow to 5 mph, right Stark, left 122nd and regular route until further notice.
[5 mph is pretty slow]

#72 Line 72 the Southbound stop on 82nd at Burnside will NOT be closed - service the stop in the left travel lane and customers will be escorted to bus - until 3 pm today.

#8 LINE 8 - disregard the Line 38 detour.

#38 Line 38 to Portland Regular route to Kerr and McNary then left McNary, left Kerr, left Jefferson and regular route. temporary stop Jefferson and Gables.
[McNary doesn't go to the left of the route to Portland]

#72 #77 The northbound stop on NE 82nd at the MAX Station/I-84 will close for construction Monday October 6, 2014 through 3 p.m. Friday October 10. Use temporary stop on the far side of Jonesmore.
[this doesn't work for Line 77 as it turns on Jonesmore]

#70 update at 8:20p line 70 back to Regular route both directions at Prescott and 92nd.
[Line 70 travels nowhere near there]

#6 No service to the stop on SW Main at 2nd due to the Portland Marathon.
[it doesn't even serve that stop]

#17 Line 17 back to regular route BOTH directions, thank you all!

#35 Line 35:Back to your regular route Layover spot on Portsmouth and Willamette but the rest of your detour for the north end is still in effect.

#15 Line 15 To Portland:The Inbound 2Part, part 1st is back to regular route across the Morrison bridge at 8:45.

#15 Line 15 to Gateweay Transit Center Message 2nd of 2nd: Cross the Hawthorne Bridge LT-Grand RT-Belmont regular route, WATCH for passengers at temporary stop on Colomumbia at 5th and on Madison at 1st.

#4 Line 4 to St. Johns ONLY detour:Back Regular route at Albina and Killingsworth, watch for Supervisor to flag you through.

#78 Line 78 detour to Lake Oswego: Regular route to Kerr Prkwy and Jefferson Parkway, left Jefferson Parkway, right Monroe, left Kerr Parkway and Regular route until further notice DO NOT GO PAST JEFFERSON Parkway YOU WILL GET STUCK!
[Monroe does not intersect Jefferson or Kerr]

#12 #19 #20 Lines 12, 19, 20: Please start your detour eastbound at Couch and Grand. Stay on detour until further notice.
[Couch is a westbound street]

#57 Due to a major traffic accident at Tualatin Valley Hwy & Minter Bridge and 13th and River Road, traffic is being diverted in both directions into west bound lanes. Expect delays.
[where exactly is it?]

#78 Line 78: Please use caution in the area of Boones Ferry & Kerr Parkway due to construction. Please slow down and watch for construction personnel.

#10 Line 10 is detoured to 94th and Foster: Regular route to Division and 21st continue Division, left 26th to Clinton and regular route- temporary stop at Division and 23rd - until 3 pm or clear.
[should be "right 26th"]

#93 Line 93 please make sure you follow your reroutes.

#79 UPDATE 10:49, LINE 79 Southbound: Serve the stop at 82nd Drive & Beaver Lake Drive, the next one #8085 is now CLOSED. ALL HRS, ALL DAYS, until further notice.

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